Friday, February 3, 2012

Today I Love Scot

I have to show some dude-love eventually, right? 

I cannot think of a better person to start with than the man who is in a tight running with Bart (we'll get to him) for the best male friend (who has only ever been a friend) I have ever been blessed with....heck, the best anyone could ever be blessed with.

The story begins, know...back in 1980 sometime when we were both in our mother's wombs.  Eventually we grew up, hormones arrived, we despised each other, we picked on each other, we matured, and we became the best of friends.

My favorite story to tell on Scot is how he painted the neighbors kittens when he was helping us paint our barn.  But we share a million stories, too numerous to mention.  I do remember one day in particular that forever changed our relationship.  I was walking to teach my gymnastics class at BYU and full of tears from a broken heart and *bam* there was Scot on a random Saturday afternoon.  We talked.  I cried.  He invited me to Cafe Rio to cheer me up later and I could never again look at him as the annoying kid in my seminary class.  He was my Scot, my friend, my protector. 

Scot is always the first one to jump in and help - heck, I even bribed him to help me wash the ceiling when I moved into my place in Salt Lake.  He moved to Idaho to perform a few years ago but didn't fail to surprise me and drive down to see me perform in my first show in nine years.  Imagine my joy when I looked into the audience and saw his smile beaming back at me.  

In Idaho, he met the love of his life.  And I could never have imagined someone more perfect for him.  And for me!  I love that girl!  I'm rather bummed that I can't seem to find any pictures of this gorgeous woman, but she is, I promise!

Since the wedding, Megan and Scot have taken me under their wing - inviting me up to stay with them in Idaho for fun weekends, handing me tickets to come see touring Broadway productions with them, even letting me bribe them to come stay with me for a night here and there when they come into town to visit family.   I can only hope I can hold on to these two for, well, forever. 

I love you, Scot!  And Megan!  :-)

Scot and Megan's wedding

Les Mis

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