Monday, February 20, 2012

Today I Love Julie-Ann

Julie-Ann, or JA as I refer to her in short, is a class act.

My very first birthday up in Salt Lake, she, Jake, and I had a triple-threat birthday party together.  You see, I wanted to have a party with all of my new friends, but I knew JA and Jake were so terribly popular, unless I combined forces, I'd be no competition for their parties:-)

Later that winter, JA randomly invited me to a movie and we bonded over girl talk (which means boys, let's just get that clear, as if there were a question).  As if JA weren't amazing enough on her own, she soon moved in with Shayla, another of my favorites, and we all ended up becoming quite close.  We used to all e-mail back and forth all day long during slow times, which definitely added a bright spot to my days.

JA was the first person to coerce me into trying Zumba.  Now, I loved the class and found it fun, but I also found myself wishing I were married so I could go home and try the moves on my hubby!  Ha!  I hear so many ladies talking about how it is a killer workout and I just wasn't feeling any more worked than normal - I didn't even get sore:-(  Regardless, I love running into Julie-Ann at the gym - we chatted on the elliptical machines for almost twenty minutes last time we had a random run-in.

So what is her stand-out quality that makes me love her so much?  Her strength.  Whether she is plowing through schooling, church responsibilities, or relationships, she constantly remains strong.  Her testimony of the gospel is intense.  I feel the love she finds because of that testimony oozing out of her as she supports her family and runs her own life.  She will not tolerate any person being treated with less than the utmost respect and Christ-like care and she will be the first to tell you if you are treating someone, or being treated, inappropriately.  I love the balance of her strength - how she is tender-hearted and so, so kind, yet stands firm.  Most importantly, she has leant me her strength when I felt I had none and has let me encourage her in those times when she needs it...balance is a harmonious, beautiful thing.

Julie-Ann has a joyful laugh to go alone with her dazzling, bright, huge smile.  Thankfully, I get to see that smile often.  She's always up for an adventure - something I cherish in my friends since I'm always seeking out the next fun place to visit or activity to try.

Julie-Ann, I love you!!!

NYC Subway

Paradise Bakery for Megan

San Francisco - me, Liz, Jules, Colleen, Kristie, Brooke, Megan, Mel, JA

Our birthday party!  Thanks for the cake, Julie!

Outdoor movie night at Kristen Luck's - how is it JA looks SO much more warm and composed than Megan and I?


Julie said...

Yay Jan! She really is a stellar woman! What a treat for anyone to have her in their life.

Shayla said...

you do have pretty good taste in friends, I have to give you that. :)