Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today I Love Chris Kennedy

Chris is the final member to complete my season-tickets-at-the-Capitol trifecta. 

I first met him on the ultimate frisbee field.  Man, does this guy play with no-holds-barred.  Then I found out he was involved in theater and I remember saying to him, "Ooooh....so you are a theater guy."  Boy, was I relieved to find out he doesn't follow the stereotype.  For the record, none of my male theater friends follow the stereotypical overly-self-absorbed and dramatic sterotype:-)

Chris is one of the most dependable, responsible, worthy men you will ever encounter.  This past summer, my sister's friend passed out at my pool and started having convulsions.  I calmed everyone down and gathered them up to the hospital.  Immediately, I called Chris to see if he could come give our friend a priesthood blessing.  Sure enough, with a half an hour, he and his roommate were there.

One day at church a couple of years ago, I was feeling terribly alone and who should come invite me to a steak dinner, but Chris.  I arrived to discover it was me and six dudes.  That'll cheer a girl right up!  I even ended up dating one of those dudes for about four months.  Random, isn't it?

Chris is the first one to jump at a game night until 2am or movie nights or going to get food or playing frisbee.  He's participated in enough activities with me to know the unspoken rule I have that if someone else drives, I'll pay for parking and/or gas (I hate driving downtown).  He knows that if I have food, I'll undoubtedly only eat half and he's welcome to the rest.  He also knows the more important rule that I love food, but don't splurge often, so he doesn't push that.

I tell you these things because Chris is very aware about the details in the lives of a lot of his friends.  He tries to accommodate what makes them who they are and asks nothing in return - not even that you love him back.  He served many men dutifully in his church calling, for which he received no reward, yet he dedicated his life to serving his best.

And, ladies - he's single!  If you want set up, let me know!

Chris,  I love you!

Melissa and I making Chris a very happy man before Young Frankenstein

Halloween '11 - Hello Mr. Darcy in the background (aka Christopher Adam Cloud)

Me and Chris at Les Mis

He played Kim's beau Hugo in Bye Bye Birdie with me

Luke Singleswarder at the Off Broadway in SLC.  That other goofy guy is BJ.  Oh, and a storm trooper.

Jon and Chris and Melissa came over for Cincinnati-style chili and Melissa laughed when she caught us all in this pose...so much that we had to see what the fuss was and, well, it's pretty good:-)

St. George with BJ, Jon, Chris, and Melissa

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Julie said...

Chris is solid. I loved working with him in the 30th ward. And, he's hilarious. And who doesn't appreciate a man who will shave his beard to look like the from Princess Bride?