Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I Love Alissa

I met Alissa not even a year ago when all of the LDS singles wards in the area were thrown into a tornado and reorganized.  There she sat, playing the organ.  Then, there I sat, asked to conduct choir again (in spite of the fact that I have zero talent in this area) and also asked to organize all of the musical numbers/hymns for our church meetings.  I felt overwhelmed.  I still do. 

Enter Alissa's amazingness. She not only calmed me down a bit about the huge responsibilities, she took on the calling of playing piano for the choir even though she already had several large responsibilities like teaching Sunday School every week.  I figured anyone who was willing to serve so much had to be super cool, so as the weeks wore on, we chatted more and more...maybe a little because we'd often be the only two at choir rehearsal for the first fifteen minutes, but that ended up being a blessing in disguise. 

After bonding at one Sunday evening gathering over a conversation about her riding a camel in Egypt (oh yeah, she's that awesome), we began talking about boy problems (Will they ever end?!) throughout the weeks and just chatting in general.  She's one of those who will lovingly verbally slap you across the face if you don't demand the absolute best in all things.  And then give you gospel principles to apply to your situation.  Love this trait in her. 

I particularly remember one night sitting next to her at the Salt Lake Bee's game.  As if I didn't already adore her enough, I learned this night of our mutual love of baseball.  Hers is more of an overwhelming passionate love (she coaches for the high school she teaches with), while mine is just a whimsical like, but it definitely made me love her more!  She drove me back to my vehicle, where we sat talking and giggling and everything in between for a good solid hour or more. 

Alissa also makes church exciting - giving absolutely amazing Sunday School lessons, being irreverent with me, and all-around helping me feel I am where I belong.  I love when you hear something that tickles your fancy and you look to the person next to you, who is quickly returning that look and, as you catch eyes, you know you are on the same wavelength and share a giggle.  I can always count on Alissa for this.  And a random Saturday night chick flick.  And M&Ms (seriously, she always has some in her purse - how could you not love her?).  And ladies' night's in.  And pulled pork dinners.  And trips to the MoTab Christmas Concert. And rides home from the airport.  And And And.

Alissa's last week in my church congregation boundaries (which doesn't matter much cause I'm switching to the old folks' ward in two months anyway) was last week.  While this bums me out, I know we'll be friends for a long time to come, whether she likes it or not:-)

Alissa, I LOVE YOU!

This is the closest I can find to a photo of us together - one I took at my A Christmas Story party.  Sad.  Liss, we need to fix this.

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