Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I tried Sushi for the first time last night!
Not too bad, I gotta say - definitely better than my worst nightmares. Who'd a thunk?
I don't even like fish and I ate raw fish - but it was tasty.


I'm so busy my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends.

Work 8-5 (with travel 7:30-5:30), then rehearsal from 6-9, then having to find an hour and a half in there for gym time and still find time to pack for my cruise and do normal day-to-day things like laundry, be a good friend, play with my kitty...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grease-y Patty

I rather recently blogged about my elation with being cast in Nunsense - so very p-u-m-p-e-d! (Spelling a word out ads more emphasis, don't you think?) We have publicity photos today and rehearsals start this week. I have my tap, ballet, and character shoes in my gym bag at this moment just waiting to come out of hibernation!

I also, in the same blog, mentioned how out-of-place I thought I was at the concurrent Grease auditions. News, however, has come to light that proves my thought wrong.

I was at our director's house yesterday trying on my habit, when she said, "So do I tell you we fought over you?" Of course I grinned from ear-to-ear and said, "Yes! What happened?"
She then told me that the other director had wanted to cast me as Patty Simcox - the ditsy cheerleader - in Grease. The most amusing thing? I played that part 12 years ago - how is it even possible that I could play the same part for the same teenage look 12 years later? And I find it ironic that the oldest person in the cast would have been playing the most spunky/immature character.

I am definitely amused and boosted in the ego quite a bit. I breathe a sigh of relief at knowing I would have been cast no matter what show, but ended up with the part and the cast I am most excited to be with! (of course, wouldn't I say that no matter what show I was a part of?)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Do you want children?

What a dumb question to ask a single person. Of course we want kids - well... kind of... someday...I mean, we all naturally assume that at some point in our lives we will multiply and replenish, but is that even a logical thought for me now?

Seriously, think about my life - I am 28, single, and see not a man in sight who wants a lifetime ticket for the Larissa train. Wanting children would just be a waste of my desire - it is not even an option. This yearning would be as ludicrous as me wanting to be 6 feet tall - it just is not going to happen!

I feel bad sometimes for thinking this way. I often wonder, "Will it ruin my chances with some wonderful LDS man who wants kids this instant? Is there something wrong with me?"

Then I realize, it will happen when it happens.
I have to tell myself: "So I haven't changed a diaper since I was 6, so I have not an ounce of desire in my bones for children at the present time, so I could care less about holding babies, so the thought of having an alien in my uterus freaks me out, so the thought of willingly putting my body through some sort of torturous internal organ yoga isn't appealing just yet - so what?"

I am living my life the way I believe the Lord would have me live and I know the righteous desire of children will come to me at the appropriate time. Until then, I will view my life as being extremely blessed because I do not have an intense desire for something I cannot have instead of feeling like there is something wrong with me for not being baby hungry like a "normal" LDS girl :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lose Ten Pounds in Three Words

I am your average-sized girl (around, not vertically), but I can see how some men could view me as "fluffy." Many of my friends, however, know I am athletic and have often commented they think I am a little ball of muscle (thanks for the ego stroke, but it isn't true!) - obviously seeing that extra bulk as desirable tissue. This may just be because they love me too much to tell me I'm a fatty mcfatfat :-)

I have, however, developed this philosophy that if you know someone is athletic, you probably view them as thinner and more fit than they are in actuality. So, when you are feeling large and in charge, always make sure to declare your love, devotion, and commitment to Gym. Just say, "I work out*."

What do you think?

*Interestingly enough, "work out" the verb is two words, while "workout" the noun is only one. Now you are smarter. You're welcome.

To Hear It From You

Why is it that we have to physically hear rejection when it comes to dating?

I know I posted about how not knowing is sometimes best, but that "sometimes" mostly applies that to fledgling crushes. Once that little crush has turned into a parasitic nuisance, sucking our thoughts day and night, we eventually have to buckle down and figure out if our dreams will be crushed or fulfilled.

Even when we know we don't have a chance with Mister Dreamboat, we have to hear it straight from the boat's horn and sometimes "ship" happens.

Something about hearing this news eliminates the fabricated .01% chance we have so fancifully concocted in our imaginations that he is interested. Any chance is aiding us in our delusional abilities to not get over said young man. How is it we manage to cling with our lives to that .01% chance?!?

Does knowing straight from the source help you be 100% over it?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not to be Rude

Don't you love how the phrase, "Not to be rude..." always indicates something very obnoxious is about to spew forth from someone's - not be to be rude- pestiferous pie hole? :-)

Not Knowing

I am frequently an individual with "inside information." Partially because I am nosy. Mostly because I love people and learning everything about them.

Let's say it's Christmas and you see a spectacular present all wrapped for you under the tree. Let's say I know what is in that box. Would you want me to tell you?

I'm guessing most people out there would not want me to tell them. As much as our curiosity gets the best of us and we always want to know what the big secret is, we want to find the answer on our own.

Let's now say that you are/aren't dating someone and I have information on how much that person does/doesn't have interest in you. Would you want me to tell you?

We all complain about not knowing if a man has interest in us. Yet, isn't there something charming about the whole process? Isn't it nice to have something to think about before you go to bed, something to keep your hopes high, someone to daydream about as your day otherwise drags along?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have to blog about Wordle because it is just that cool!

You can create these word collages - I created this one by submitting my blog. The larger words are the ones I write most. Ever wonder what words you blog most?

I am officially a valley girl for using the word, "like," so much. I hang my head in shame.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What else could make my day better than knowing I made a typo like this:
"Goody, Goody Bum Drops!"
(it's supposed to be "Goody, Goody Gum Drops")

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big, Green Jealousy Monster

Have you ever been going along, having a pretty normal, pretty okay day when all of a sudden the jealousy monster comes attacking you- rearing his flared green cranium and tearing at your soul's flesh with every talon on those nasty little claws?

I hate those attacks. They make my pouty lip come out of hiding. They make me a poor, pitiful petunia. They make this weird liquid emit from my optic region.

You know what else I hate? When the jealousy monster attacks you at the peak of your vulnerability. Why is it that we want things we can't have - knowingly setting up bait for the monster?

How do you fend him off? How do you not let him hurt you?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Prize to be Won

I did it! I ticked someone off with my blog....who would have thought that was possible? Lil ole me!

I received a comment to one of my posts: "That's funny, last I checked women are real people and not prizes that will be claimed when deemed valuable. No thank you, I am not up for auction."

I don't recall blogging anything that referenced being for sale, winning prizes, being Barbie Doll's, or objectifying men or women. Perhaps it was my reference to the great Lord of the Rings quote, "If you want him come and claim him." Did you know that quote originated with Shakespeare? Anyway, I think this says that if you want something, you will go after it, not that it is sitting around just waiting for you. Frodo, the character this is regarding, was off on a million adventures, trying to accomplish glorious feats - anyone who wanted him would have to fight long and hard to "claim him."

Regardless, this comment provoked further deep thought than my original very clever placement of that quote. Unfortunately, sometimes my deep thoughts are like unto those of the genius Jack Handey, who says things like, "If God dwells inside us like some people say, I sure hope He likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting."

Never you mind that aside, back to my thoughts.

We all need to live our lives to the fullest every day and in every way. No waiting around. I see how my ice cream analogy and "He's just not that into you" entry can be misinterpreted as such. I mean, ice cream can't actually get up from the freezer and go have fun - it is forced to wait for someone to come partake. This little prize doesn't sit around - oh no! I am all over the place, so the guy who wants to claim me is going to have to come running full-speed, much like the evil guys chasing Frodo.

Is the idea of being a prize to be won exhilarating to anyone else? I think it sounds magnificent! All those mega-hunks working their very hardest just to win me over? Man, if life could be so grand!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Like You Because...

I like you because you like me.

I've had a lot of relationships and I am ALWAYS more attracted to men when I know they are attracted to me. Experts (that's me) say that four times out of five you will be more likely to consider dating a man you hadn't thought about previously when you know he is attracted to you.

You know, there must be something amazing about him if he is smart enough to realize that you are amazing!

This even applies outside of romantical relationships. Don't you favor the nephew or niece that loves you most? Don't you like the friends more who make an effort to be around you, basking in the glow of your awesomeness?

We are selfish little scalawags, aren't we? :-)