Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Do you want children?

What a dumb question to ask a single person. Of course we want kids - well... kind of... someday...I mean, we all naturally assume that at some point in our lives we will multiply and replenish, but is that even a logical thought for me now?

Seriously, think about my life - I am 28, single, and see not a man in sight who wants a lifetime ticket for the Larissa train. Wanting children would just be a waste of my desire - it is not even an option. This yearning would be as ludicrous as me wanting to be 6 feet tall - it just is not going to happen!

I feel bad sometimes for thinking this way. I often wonder, "Will it ruin my chances with some wonderful LDS man who wants kids this instant? Is there something wrong with me?"

Then I realize, it will happen when it happens.
I have to tell myself: "So I haven't changed a diaper since I was 6, so I have not an ounce of desire in my bones for children at the present time, so I could care less about holding babies, so the thought of having an alien in my uterus freaks me out, so the thought of willingly putting my body through some sort of torturous internal organ yoga isn't appealing just yet - so what?"

I am living my life the way I believe the Lord would have me live and I know the righteous desire of children will come to me at the appropriate time. Until then, I will view my life as being extremely blessed because I do not have an intense desire for something I cannot have instead of feeling like there is something wrong with me for not being baby hungry like a "normal" LDS girl :-)


Mena said...

I want children. I'm just not that into the concept of getting married right now! Haha. But kids come after marriage (for sure.) It is a righteous desire. For me, wanting children helps me to want to get married sometime. For you, I bet it'll be the other way around. :) Heavenly Father has it all figured out and is leading you. Keep the faith!

Brent & Andrea said...

Well, I've been married almost one year and no kids. Gasp, shocking, I know! Brent & I want children but we both know that the time is not right now.

When we have the desire (I hope it comes) then we will. I feel good about it. And who's not to say that you could still have 3-5 kids in your 30s ;-)

Jon said...

At least you're not suffering from being baby hungry and single. It's the worst!