Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diet Pepsi

This beverage is disgusting. I'm sure antifreeze tastes better. I was handed a free can today...barforama. This further solidifies my self-proclaimed status as a "Coke" girl.

Monday, April 27, 2009

NYC, What is it About You?

Now that that is settled, settle yourself in for quite a post...

I was blessed enough to get to take the red-eye with my friend Debbie, so when we arrived in NYC at some ungodly hour Wednesday morning, we at least had each other to lean on. After all, we all need somebody to lean on:-)

Soon enough, my sissy and her friends B2 and Ryan showed up as Debbie and I were purchasing tickets to "Shrek: The Musical." My favorite Broadway star is Sutton Foster - I have seen all of her starring roles on Broadway. The combination of her and Brian D'Arcy James, whom I have been enchanted with since 1997, lured me to aforementioned musical. Unfortunately, Shrek is a big, green ogre, so I couldn't observe the beauty of the man, although he did serenade me. The biggest bummer of all was that Sutton's understudy was performing. Whilst I felt as if I were watching a true up-and-coming Broadway star, I was disappointed. Can I still say I've seen every musical Sutton has been in? Sad day for me:-( Shrek, was definitely an unexpected pleasure - quite stunning visually with many catchy tunes! The man who played Lord Farquaad stole every scene he was in. I did fall asleep for 5 minutes during a stretch of ballad's - hey, I hadn't slept since 7am the morning before...but seriously...who does that? I hang my head in shame.

Next, I checked into our 1-bedroom king suite hotel, The Benjamin - a 4-star treat on Manhattan's East side. The staff were incredible and it was the first 4-star establishment I have walked into and not received a look of, "What are you doing staying here?" I highly recommend this establishment. AND, they have a Pillow Menu!

After a quick 45-minute nap, I headed off to "West Side Story." (I think I was half way there before I officially awoke) I'm not typically one for Sondheim, but knew seeing this musical live would be an experience, and it was.

This was the start of my overwhelmingly male-heavy cast experience. Of all the shows I attended, I would say the males outnumbered the women on average 3:1.

Thursday morning, we headed off to tour Central Park with Debbie, of course making a few stops along 5th Avenue on the way. FAO Schwarz calls the name of any "kid at heart," especially the piano from one of the most classic scenes in all of cinema in the movie Big! I tried to play Chopsticks on my own, however my little stems just aren't long enough.

If you look at the picture below, you will see that I am most definitely a hot tamale and my sis is just a big sucker :-) Yes, I know I am funny.

We finally hit Central Park, where we met up with Debbie for some fun walking the manicured gardens, rowing boats, and feeding a squirrel right out of Debbie's little hand!

Debbie needed some gnocchi from Da Nico's in Little Italy, so we hopped on the subway on our way to a feast.

Thursday night was South Pacific - I am very lucky to have seen this because it has been playing to sold-out audiences since the previews in spring of '08! Surprisingly, this was also my favorite show of the trip. Not once did I wonder when the next scene was coming or even yawn (which one finds oneself doing a lot on a trip to NYC). The whole cast was incredible - a very strong ensemble.

Friday my sister and Ryan took a tour where they discovered a bakery, Magnolia, of magnificent proportions. I don't even like cupcakes, and I loved theirs. They also have these mini-cheesecakes that are by far the best I have ever had in NYC. Forget the expensive slices - go to this bakery on 6th Avenue and 49th for a $4.50 mini-heaven!

We also made a run to Serendipity III as one of our favorite treats in NYC is their frozen hot chocolate. While waiting to be seated, we ran over to Dylan's Candy Bar - straight out of the world of Willy Wonka.

On a side note, I purchased a new purse in China Town, as I do every time I go to NYC, and as I was sitting in Dylan's new cafe changing out purses, I realized how bedraggled my old purse was. Then it hit me - that was the first purse I had ever purchased ever and in Manhattan. I loved it so much I bought two back in the day, so I decided it was time to retire my first purse (since I still have a replica at home) - kind of as a commemoration of my 10th trip...I don't know why I thought it was some sort of mile-marker experience.

Friday night I watched Guys and Dolls from the front row! Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls fame stars as Miss Adelaide - who knew she could sing? Character voice of course, but she was fantastic. I was also privileged enough to see Oliver Platt's understudy perform the role of Nathan Detroit for the first time. I would have loved to see Platt, but I enjoyed experiencing a first with Adam LeFevre.

After the show, B2 showed up because she wanted to meet Lauren Graham. We stuck around the stage door and out she came! I am sorry to say that she really is as beautiful as she appears on TV, and then some. How is that fair?

Saturday afternoon we were able to win lottery tickets to Rock of Ages, a new musical with a ton of 80s rock music and 80s cliche craziness. For Idol lovers way back in the Carrie Underwood days, the show starred Constantine Maraulis, a man Simon himself once called, "astonishing." The stage sort of juts out in three places, creating four seats (two on each side) that are pretty much "in" the stage. Ryan and I were sitting in two of those. Talk about up-close and personal! Ryan loves many of the actors in the show, so we hung around after to get autographs and Constantine was kind enough to pose for a picture. I have to say he was one of the most patient stars I have met and was definitely a hit amongst the middle-aged ladies...I wonder how he feels about that? I was mega-impressed with his vocal chops, for any who are wondering.

Saturday night, the four of us headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for a stroll across and some Brooklyn Ice Cream (the little light house under the bridge on the Brooklyn side is indeed an ice cream place.) I promise you, they have the best vanilla you will ever consume in your life. To quote Ryan, "Is it just me, or does everything taste better in New York?" Seriously!!! There is also a most beautiful little dock from which you can take beautiful pictures with the Manhattan skyline in the background. Brit's friend, Ryan, and I sang show tunes almost all the way across the bridge and back - does this surprise anyone? :-)

I didn't make it to Riverside Park, the beautiful setting for the sap-tastic scene in, You've Got Mail. The gardens there are to-die-for in the springtime and relaxing to boot. Maybe next time! There never is enough time to do everything I want.

Alas, this trip will be chalked up as one of the best of my 10. Good friends, good food, good fun....ahhh.....I am blessed :-)

Monday, April 20, 2009


I just received an e-mail from a friend titled, "My Monday Sucked." I don't know how, but I read it, "My Monkey Sucked." Boy, oh boy, am I glad I read that wrong!

Aortal Difficulties

Where to begin?

My aortal center is once again experiencing difficulties in not shattering, but purely in an emotional sense--no worries there about some serious physical problem.

Every time my blood-pumping organ falls victim, I realize something, the great blessing of all...
I have more people that love and care for me than I knew. Friends canceled plans, changed plans, got off work early, re-arranged schedules, you name it - all for the sake of staying by my side in my time of need. I almost want to experience difficulties now so that I can get all of this awesome attention:-) But seriously, I have seen inconceivable, astonishing amounts of selflessness and sincerity over the past few days.

I also realized that I shamelessly seek so much empathy from all of those I love when I am in a time of need. I understand this is what I need to do to make it through with my sanity, however, some friends only hear from me when I have negative news. I don't want to be that person!

I resolve to be more in touch when I have good news - when life is happy. Maybe we, as human nature, are more interested when a good drama is brewing, however, I want happy drama! :-) I understand I need nurturing, but when I am more in touch with everyone when times are smooth and when they need me, then we will all get more of what we need in the long run. And I think we will love each other that much more...and isn't love the greatest blessing of all?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Dead

I am not dead. I've been super-busy.
I will update soon enough, don't cry! :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I've been in Las Vegas for national conference for work the past few days.
Can we say 1300 square foot corner high-roller suite?
What a fantastic, hard-working adventure. I've met the owner of a Las Vegas entertainment business (not that kind of entertainment) (, the owner of a restaurant in a 5-star hotel where we closed the place out last night, and have had some memorable professional and personal endeavors!
Catch up soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shower Head

I apologize about the abundance of bathroom-related posts lately. I'm a very hygienic person, what can I say?

Last night I finished my shower and was standing there ringing out my hair like a good girl, when THWACK! - I was bopped right on the top of the head! I turned around, to see the attacker dangling from above - my shower head broke!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Toothbrush Oddity

Through all of my travels, I have stayed in the homes of many individuals who were..."brought up" differently than myself. One of the strange things I have seen is a toothbrush sitting in a cup in the shower. Now, I've seen this several times, otherwise I would have dismissed this preposterousness and continued about my own hygiene routines.
Upon asking, the responses have been, "Don't you brush your teeth in the shower? It is multi-tasking, you have to do both anyway, and the water is running...why not?" I think it is strange - I am not ok with spitting minty freshness on my feet.
What do you guys think?