Monday, August 31, 2009

Butt Slapping

I've had enough!
Whilst there is nothing wrong with a playful slap towards my posterior end with a towel or pillow, I am fed up with men thinking it is ok to just grab a handful of my booty! NOT acceptable! The next man who does this is going to get slapped.
Am I joking? Am I for real? I can count at least 5 men who regularly participate in aforementioned activity. I am a pure, clean woman and plan on staying that way, so keep your hands off!
I have a difficult time getting upset with people I love, especially when I know they are just playing, but there are lines and they have been crossed. Again, I've had enough!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Did I Swear?

I have never sworn, as I have blogged about before.

Through a series of late nights and fresh awakedness from a nap, I may, however, have had a slip of the tongue last week. You will all have to tell me if you think I can still claim this marvelous feat.

I was with MI2 (whom has since offered his basket to Girl C), helping him organize the shirts in his closet. He was mentioning how he doesn't even wear several of the items and I remarked, "Well then why don't you just get rid of those shi**? shiRts, I mean shiRts!"

We had a pretty hearty chuckle as I exclaimed that I've never sworn before.
He taunted, "Well you have now!"

If you slip, but it isn't even as if you would have ever put a swear word there in the first place, does it still count?

Departing Awkward City

Ends up that Girl B decided to keep the date with Male Interest 1 and will now have an amazing date story to share for the rest of her life. Let me share a few of the highlights:
1. He arrived an hour and a half late
2. He carries a "murse" - aka "man purse" that is no satchel, no over-sized wallet, no purse even - it is a double-layered plastic Walmart bag
3. We got half-way to our destination and he got sick, so we pulled over for him to lay down at a gas station for a moment and then headed back to my house
4. He SNIFFED me - a deep, long inhaling of my Ora kinda sniff
5. He kept feigning anxiety, telling me I make him very nervous but that the one thing that would make it better is a hug, which led to aforementioned sniff
6. All of these techniques (and more I have not mentioned) would have worked perfectly on me as a 21-year-old BYU co-ed, but...that time has past...I'm on to the game...DROP the show - I need someone who is real and up-front. That being said, he is a very handsome gentleman (when he isn't late), but WOW...what a story.

Girl B then decided she really is interested in Male Interest 2 whom she had spent time with every day last week until the weekend, only to find out Male Interest 2 had spent all weekend out-of-town with Girl C. *sigh*

So, Girl B is disillusioned to say the least, but moves forward one step at a time:-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome to Awkward City - Population 3

What would you do?

Girl A: Takes Male Interest 1 to a location where they both encounter Girl B who is a dear friend of Girl A
Male Interest 1: Finds Girl B's phone number a week later and calls to ask her out
Girl B: Asks Male Interest if he is dating Girl A
Male Interest 1: Says not dating Girl A, would love to take out Girl B
Girl B: Calls Girl A to verify aforementioned information and to see if it is ok if Girl B and Male Interest 1 go out. Girl A wasn't able to respond until four days later and by that time Girl B had already accepted Male Interest 1's invitation because he had attempted thrice and she assumed all was well
Girl A: Hurting, not aware that Male Interest 1 has deemed her "just a friend"
Girl B: Digging Male Interest 2, but recognizes the need to date around and Male Interest 2 is occupied during the requested time of Male Interest 1 BUT she can't betray Girl A cause she loves Girl A more than Male Interest 1 or 2 BUT she can't put all her eggs in Male Interest 2's basket cause she isn't sure if he is offering his basket yet or not and Male Interest 1 is a catch

Girl B: Stuck between a rock and a hard place - does she cancel date with Male Interest 1 or not?

Another Show!

For all of you craving another slice of Larissa pie - here you go!
I auditioned for another show, the results are in, and I'll be playing the part of "Belle" in the singles stake musical coming up in October! Now, this isn't your typical "Belle," this is a musical review of sorts and my character is one of several who travel in and out of other musicals. Lots of my friends are involved and I can't wait to play with them!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I went to my first rodeo Friday night!
One cannot fully appreciate the nuances of a rodeo clown, a rodeo announcer, sparkly 80s Western get-up, tight pants, fringe, and beastly groin straps without having attended such a spectacle. Need an excuse to be all WT? You got one! I love the boots, the smell of leather, the hats, the popcorn coated with something sweet that isn't exactly caramel, the pleasant aroma of manure wafting about, bodies flying every which direction, excuses to yell "Yeeehawwww....
Ah yes...Dear Rodeo, I will return someday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutting Costs

I have been making a concerted effort to use less energy at home, realizing I'm only there to sleep and then a few extra hours on weekends.
Check this out:
Electric Bill July '08: $94.03
Electric Bill July '09: $35.74

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Would you try to Accomplish if you Knew you Could Not Fail?

Ask yourself this question.

My trainer, Jeremy Overson, asked me that question and - wow. I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but immediately my thoughts turned towards all the gymnastics moves I never tried, all the shows I never auditioned for, all the people I never talked to, all the fitness goals I never believed. Interesting. Probably about time I change that.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Do I Look Like a Thief?

I've been battling allergies and the stress that comes with knowing they may move into my chest and cause my voice to take vacation and I can't have that AND sing in a show.
Friday, as a preventative measure, I ventured to the great world of Walmart and bought the most feature-heavy humidifier they have. As I was hauling the huge box out the door, sniffling like...I dunno...something that sniffles a lot, the man at the door stopped me and demanded, not asked politely, demanded to see my receipt. I ruffled through my stuff trying not to drop my huge box and he just stood there saying, "Ma'am, Ma'am I need your receipt now." After about 10 seconds I think I finally handed it over and then he smiled sheepishly and thanked me. I glared in stone cold silence - the "look" I've heard it called. I'm usually so much more Christlike than that, but I couldn't help it. I was sick, he harassed me, and SERIOUSLY - do I look like a thief? And a thief stupid enough to just walk out of the store with a box half as big as I am? SHEESH! Walmart and 7-11 are in a conspiracy against me!