Monday, August 17, 2009

Departing Awkward City

Ends up that Girl B decided to keep the date with Male Interest 1 and will now have an amazing date story to share for the rest of her life. Let me share a few of the highlights:
1. He arrived an hour and a half late
2. He carries a "murse" - aka "man purse" that is no satchel, no over-sized wallet, no purse even - it is a double-layered plastic Walmart bag
3. We got half-way to our destination and he got sick, so we pulled over for him to lay down at a gas station for a moment and then headed back to my house
4. He SNIFFED me - a deep, long inhaling of my Ora kinda sniff
5. He kept feigning anxiety, telling me I make him very nervous but that the one thing that would make it better is a hug, which led to aforementioned sniff
6. All of these techniques (and more I have not mentioned) would have worked perfectly on me as a 21-year-old BYU co-ed, but...that time has past...I'm on to the game...DROP the show - I need someone who is real and up-front. That being said, he is a very handsome gentleman (when he isn't late), but WOW...what a story.

Girl B then decided she really is interested in Male Interest 2 whom she had spent time with every day last week until the weekend, only to find out Male Interest 2 had spent all weekend out-of-town with Girl C. *sigh*

So, Girl B is disillusioned to say the least, but moves forward one step at a time:-)


Jon said...

I'm speechless.

Eric said...

What a wonderful story! Ah, the exciting, frustrating, and ever-oh-so-confusing world of dating. Sounds fun! :)

Marianne & Clayton said...

I used to get so annoyed at the smug marrieds who say how much they don't miss the dating game, but wow. I sure don't miss the dating game. As someone who waited more than her fair share of time all I can say is hang in there. And drop the freak. -M