Monday, August 3, 2009

Do I Look Like a Thief?

I've been battling allergies and the stress that comes with knowing they may move into my chest and cause my voice to take vacation and I can't have that AND sing in a show.
Friday, as a preventative measure, I ventured to the great world of Walmart and bought the most feature-heavy humidifier they have. As I was hauling the huge box out the door, sniffling like...I dunno...something that sniffles a lot, the man at the door stopped me and demanded, not asked politely, demanded to see my receipt. I ruffled through my stuff trying not to drop my huge box and he just stood there saying, "Ma'am, Ma'am I need your receipt now." After about 10 seconds I think I finally handed it over and then he smiled sheepishly and thanked me. I glared in stone cold silence - the "look" I've heard it called. I'm usually so much more Christlike than that, but I couldn't help it. I was sick, he harassed me, and SERIOUSLY - do I look like a thief? And a thief stupid enough to just walk out of the store with a box half as big as I am? SHEESH! Walmart and 7-11 are in a conspiracy against me!


j said...

Which Wal-mart were you at? The guy at the Fort Union one harassed me pretty good when I picked up my desk that I'd ordered online there, because what the box said and what the receipt said didn't match exactly.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you been accused of stealing guys hearts?

Marianne & Clayton said...

You know, now that I think about it... we are missing some stuff.

Larissa said...

Ha! Jake - I laugh out loud just thinking of you getting harassed! Mine was actually at the one on 9th East.

As for your comment "Anonymous"...I don't steal ANY hearts - the men willingly hand them over ;-)