Who is Larissa?

How many 32-year old never-married LDS gals do you know?  Exactly.  Now you know unicorns do exist.  Or they did...as of the day after my 33rd birthday, I am now a married woman!

I'm a gym rat, enjoy food way too much, have long been infected with the travel bug (I hit all 50 states before I turned 30), find amusement in all the little things in life, collect friends, feel more comfortable hosting a party than being a guest, and love to perform.  I travel to NYC at least once per year to catch the latest on Broadway and often take folks with me - one time 20+!

Born and raised in Ohio, now living in Utah, once living in NYC, my life reads like a random cross of episodes from "Glee," "Friends," and "The Middle."  I would be quite excited to find some way to add a little "Fringe" - everyone could use some Walter (shout out to my favorite show).

Here you will find my random queries about life, love, and everything in between.  You will find how the youthful simple wishes and dreams of a small-town Ohio girl have come true in ways I never expected.

I'm always looking for my next adventure.  Proof?  I can't help but to brag about one of my biggest accomplishments - completing a 37-mile-in-one-day event