Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Happy Together

I read someone's status on Facebook: "Nothing like sharing your life with someone you love."
The thought crossed my mind, "Good thing I love myself."
At first I thought I was being all ironic and funny considering I'm not married or co-habitating.
Then I thought about all of my wonderful and amazing comrades whom I do share my life with.
My wonderings soon shifted to all of the people out there who do not love themselves...I used to be one of them. How they long to gain acceptance, approval, and love from others that they cannot give themselves.
I've heard it said that you are not capable of loving another as they deserve until you truly love yourself. While there are some reflections of the truth in this, I beg to differ. I say you can learn to love yourself through practicing loving others.
When you can care for someone beyond their flaws and love them in spite of their quirks, perhaps someday you can look past your own imperfections to love everything you are too.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When you hear the freeway is a parking lot starting about 3 miles before your exit, you tend to find an alternative route. But so does everyone else.
My 23-minute commute to Gym ended up taking me 47. I formulated a quickie routine and had just enough time to squeeze in weights before skedaddling to rehearsal. After starting my run towards the entrance, I turned back to fetch my forgotten blue love - iPod. I also grabbed some trash, squeezed my right hand to confirm the presence of my keys and shut the door.
I fumbled to position my member card on my keychain for speedy check-in. What's this? My keys are now a beef jerky wrapper and a flier?
Of all frustrating days, it had to be the one I was already beyond behind.
And you know what else? Technology stinks. Why? Cause I don't have anyone's numbers memorized anymore. Do I have a hero's phone number? Sure! First name + last name + send. I ended up calling my office and having a co-worker log in to my Facebook until someone got on chat who might have a phone number of someone who has a key to my apartment and could retrieve my spare car key.
Trauma. But I was only 2 minutes late:-) And I am filled with gratitude and humility towards the hero of the day and his sweet service.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get a Life

Such a strange thing...last time I checked I had a life. Where did it go? Oohhhh yeah...bye bye....birdie.... :-)
Here are some cutie patootie photos for you. We open July 9!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exercise Addiction

I have been lightly teased about being addicted to exercise for the past few years. Considering the taunts come from people who never step foot in a gym, I felt no weight in the gravity of those allegations. Until recently. My little sis, who hasn't lived with me in three years (or in the same state even for two), called wanting to do a case study on me for a psychology project: "Larissa, I know you don't think you are addicted to exercise, but I think you have a problem."

I usually just pull the ole smile and nod. I know that trying to convince someone you are not addicted is like trying to convince someone you are not crazy - the harder you try the guiltier/crazier you appear.

My mind has been toying with this issue since she first "diagnosed" me. After all, if someone I love dearly is saying it, perhaps there is some legitimacy. Or perhaps not.

There is a fine line between what some view as addiction and what others view as passion or habit. This article states the point:
"Some people would consider a person deeply involved in a behavior but functioning well an addict. I wouldn't consider that person an addict. Just because somebody's become extraordinarily involved in something does not mean, by definition, that they're addicted, especially if all the rest of the domains of their life are being sustained and fulfilled. It would be like saying someone who's an artist and paints all the time is an addict to their art. I think that's a misuse of the term "addiction." Again, as long as the other domains of an individual's life are still maintained, and the behaviour doesn't cause the exclusion of other life and health promotive domains, even though the individual is engaging to it more often than perhaps preferred, it doesn't necessarily mean that it deserves the term "addiction"."

If I sang one hour per day, six days per week (the amount of time I spend working out), no one would accuse me of being addicted, simply dedicated to my craft. This body is the only one we get, people! You spend 9 hours per day become a professional x, or 2 hours per day watching television, but not one hour per day making sure you stay alive and healthy?

I originally concluded that those who do not participate in regular exercise simply do not understand why those who do meet the government's daily recommendation would submit themselves to what non-exercisers see as the torturous dregs of exhaustion. If one generally considers themselves motivated/normal but does not exercise, there must be something off-kilter with those who do. The solution is simple: Addiction. False logic? Oh yes.

I decided I had to pull some cold, hard facts. Thanks, Google.

How often should the average American exercise?
The Institute of Medicine recently released a lengthy report recommending that, as part of a routine regimen to maintain cardiovascular health and ideal body weight and body composition, we should all engage in 60 minutes of daily vigorous physical activity.(Click here to examine this report on-line.)
2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans stated, "Most American adults should increase their aerobic activity to ... move toward 300 minutes a week. Adults should also do muscle-strengthening activities on at least 2 days each week."

What is an exercise addiction?
Exercise addiction is evidenced by more than 90 minutes of continuous exercise 7 days a week.
The symptoms are recognizable: women and men who exercise for hours at a time. For example, an over-exerciser might take two to three classes back to back and then get on a treadmill or a stair climber to do more. Many lift weights for two hours or more per day, overtraining, and frequently causing physical harm.

What is addiction? What is dependence?
Addiction is mainly physical while dependency is mostly psychological.
The dictionary describes addiction as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal disorder with both genetic and environmental roots. It manifests as a compulsion that drives an individual to continue to behave in a way that is harmful to self and loved ones, despite an intense desire to halt that behavior.
It is a disease of "more" -- an active addict needs an increasing amount of substance to get high and is unable to cease usage without painful withdrawal symptoms.
Dependence is the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else. As a child, this is not a negative state, as you need parents to raise and support you. As an adult, we have our free agency and anything that takes that agency away from us is a bad thing. There are certain exceptions like food and water and oxygen because we need those to live.

Is addiction or dependence a bad thing?
Yes. Addiction renders you physically incapable of controlling a behavior, while dependence renders you psychologically incapable of controlling a behavior.

How is an addiction different from a habit?
We all have little addictions called “habits” in which we engage in all the time. Our existence is based upon our learned habits, otherwise we might wake up every morning and wonder how we dress ourselves or bathe. We need to habituate to survive. We learn, the activity works, we do it again…and again…
Addiction comes into play when you cannot deviate from the force of the action, where you need more of the same action or substance to achieve the same result. You become trapped.

Am I/ are you an exercise addict?
I think you need to take the below questions with a grain of salt. You could twist these and make anything an addiction – sleep for instance. I have also shared my utmost honest answers.
Q: Do you shape your social, academic, or work schedule around your exercise program?
A: I plan my exercise as part of my day and am quite flexible depending on what I need to do. Don’t we do the same thing with sleep? Eating? Socializing?
Q: Do you skip meetings, classes, or events to workout?
A: Nope. Only reason I ever skip something for the gym is if I really didn’t want to go anyway and I need an excuse.
Q: Do you feel an immense amount of guilt, agitation, or anxiety if you skip a workout?
A: If I have a legit reason (anything other than sitting at home on my butt), no. I would prefer go to the gym and have worked hard to be healthy, but no real harm will come from missing a day or even a week. Of course one would feel disappointed if they didn't accomplish something just because they are being lazy.
Q: Are you only able to feel happy once you have completed your exercise routine for the day?
A: Sundays may just be the happiest day of the week - and the only day I don't exercise. So, of course I am happy without a workout. That being said, I always feel better after exercising – we all do. Scientific studies prove that our bodies release endorphins when we exercise. I also feel this amazing sense of accomplishment because every time I walk in that door I’m not quite sure I can push myself hard enough to get through my entire workout. When I do, of course I feel giddy inside that I won! I beat the gym! We all feel lifted when we accomplish a difficult task we have set before ourselves.
Q: Do you refuse to workout with others?
A: Ha. I relentlessly try to get others to come with me as often as possible.
Q: Do you exercise even if you are sick or injured?
A: 1/2 Guilty. Just for the sick part though, never if injured. And if I’m sick enough to need to visit the doc, I don’t visit Gym.
Q: Do you exercise for more than two hours daily?
A: Never. If I know I have a Frisbee game or rigorous dance rehearsal, I skip my cardio at the gym. I know over-training is a huge hazard and do all I can to avoid that. If I do end up having to be active for longer, I up my calorie intake.
Q: Do you have the same rigid routine each time you workout?
A: Nope. I’m quite flexible and will use whatever is available. I have somewhat of a routine, but if that muscle group is sore, I’ll work on something else. No biggie.
Q: Do you obsess over weight loss/calories burned when you exercise?
A: I do fret over my calorie intake, as anyone who has ever struggled with weight will, but I have no idea how many calories I actually burn at the gym. I know I feel good when I leave and know I’ve done my part to contribute to my fitness and that’s what really matters to me.

I may be involved with fitness, but no more than the government and the Institute of Medicine recommend for the average American. With their guidelines, I can't even consider myself "highly" active. I recognize the importance of health and keeping my body in its prime for as long as possible in a reasonable amount of time commitment per day.
I suggest that the average American is actually addicted to laziness. According to the definition, "cessation causes severe trauma," and leaving the couch would result in trauma for sure...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Balance and Old Faithful

October 15, 2004.
That was the day I joined Provo Rec Center - workout facilities of two converted racquetball courts - 1 for weight machines, 1 for cardio machines.
Six months later I joined Gold's Gym and purchased my first official pair of New Balance 664 Cross Training shoes. They have long been my favorites. I have scoured the internet every six months for years until no more were to be found. (Daily gym'ers should replace shoes every 6 months - I'm a size 6B in these shoes if you ever find 'em! Also a big fan of 766 in kids size 4W)
As many pairs as I trashed, I couldn't stand to part with that first pair. I finally came to terms with the inevitable this past Saturday, but not before taking one last photo of the dynamic duo. Thanks NB's for helping me change my life! Mwa!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Notes

The other weekend I was having one of those blah nights. You know, the ones you do not want to admit you have where your deepest, utmost desire is to just curl up alone on the couch and cry, immediately followed by a good chick flick and a snack. I was supposed to do a lot of things that night - namely a party at the home of two dear friends. I texted them simply stating, "I'm having a rough night and am not going to make it. I'm really sorry."
The next night I returned home from a pre-wedding girls' night for Megan to find my door covered with little love notes, a $10 gift card to my favorite smoothie place (Roxberry!), and coupons to my beloved Sweet Tomatoes!
I'd be a liar if I said I didn't get a teensy bit misty-eyed. I love my friends so much and there is a very tender moment when you realize they love you just as much in return. My life is blessed and charmed with some of the most amazing people God has placed on this earth.

Wedded Bliss

One of my besties was finally able to get married to her sweetheart this past Friday after quite the year-long engagement. I couldn't be more excited for her or love her much more or feel more peace for her. Yeah for Megs and Kev!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was going through some old e-mails trying to find a particular conversation and I found this instead:
I am eating a banana...I just bit into it and my salivary glands must have loved it cause they squirted from under my tongue ALL OVER my keyboard...gross....


Bathing Beauties

Why hello there, Beautiful's. Will you be mine?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Butter Jesus

To all my Ohio folk out there - a moment of silence for a dear friend...and then a little giggle.
"Butter Jesus," also referred to as "Touchdown Jesus," of the Solid Rock Church has been struck by lightning and burned. This 62-foot bust has infamously greeted travelers along Interstate 75 into Ohio since 2004.

All hail the birth of Terminator Jesus.

Favorite Moment of the Week

My favorite moment of the week thus far:
"I don't know if I have my phone with me. When you get home, can you look for it and if you find it give me a call so I can come pick it up?"
Please tell me you appreciate the irony as much as I do. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even explain what had tickled me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Taco Bell Crocodile Tears

I am by far not a person who cries. I've never cried at a movie. The series finale of Golden Girls is the closest I have come to crying at a filmed show.
So what made me cry today?
Taco Bell.
They have this Fresco Menu, also lamely referred to as the Drive-Thru Diet Menu, with a 150-calorie taco. I regularly get 2 taco's drenched in fire sauce for my 1pm meal , totaling $2.57 and 300 calories. Today the man, whom I have not yet encountered in my almost-daily visits, said $3.34. I drove up to the window and said, "The sign says they are $1.19 each and I only got two, so the total should be less."
He said, "We charge extra for Fresco." (regular tacos are only .89 - does getting fresco really basically double the price?)
I said, "The sign says it is $1.19 and I've been coming and getting them almost every day and they are $1.19."
He replied, "Well it should say we charge extra for Fresco."
I was looking directly at the fresco menu and the price was directly under the item. We aren't selling cars here - base model taco or fully loaded? Sheesh.
"I guess I'll just leave then." And I drove off into the afternoon heat with my belly screaming at me that I should have just paid the extra money.
The next thing I realized I had a tear (or several) running down my face as I moaned, "I'm so hungry. I'm just so so so hungry."
I got back to work and wrote a complaint e-mail. Not that it will help anything, but seriously Taco Bell! Um, and seriously Larissa - crying over a taco?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming Out of the Closet

This may be a little TMI for some of you, but all of that "I" is necessary to get the full effect of the fateful events of Wednesday night.
I stripped down to my birthday suit and entered my bathroom for a warm, relaxing shower. I looked down and realized poor little kitty had no food - which I store in a closet in said bathroom. Standing there buck naked, I opened the closet door. Jump! Gasp! A man was standing there staring at me with a smug little smile all over his face! The vulnerability one feels in their birthday suit is mucho, but to then find a man in your closet while in said suit? Oy.
Lucky for me, I quickly realized it was just my cutout of Earnhardt, Jr. which I had procured to play a prank on someone....I just didn't know that someone would be me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Facebook Limbo

The state of being where you have requested someone (me perhaps?) as a friend and she is not so sure she wants to add you (doesn't know you, haven't seen you in 15 years, etc). She does not want you to think she has rejected you because we all have tender/delicate feelings, so she just leaves you lingering there in Facebook Limbo - not accepted, not denied. That way, you aren't rejected and you can't keep requesting her - forcing her to reject you over and over again - not fun for any party involved.
C'mon - you know you do it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Falling for You

You know how one day you are walking along at an "old enough to know better" age and someone bets you to do something? In my case, you immediately revert to the "OH YEAH?!" stage of life and figure that mentality is okay because you are at rehearsal playing the roll of a 15-year old.
"I bet you can't do a double pirouette on this cement stage..." (this challenge coming from the 40-something who plays my father)
"We'll see about that..."
I felt the wind whipping around my face - 1, 2, 2 1/2....what's that cement step flying at my face for?
I was apparently standing on the edge of the stage and fell. Not just any fall. I'm talking the entire cast of 40 or more plus the folks there to support us, all watching my front-center stage catastrophe.
Six people, at least, immediately ran over to check out the damage. They don't know my indestructible history (I performed a gymnastics floor routine in a competition with a broke-in-two-places foot) and the nickname, "Thud."
What does my idiot mind think next? "Oh, I'll immediately jump up now and do it again and prove to them I can do it and I'm fine." Worked out okay the second time, but SERIOUSLY?!? Do not let me function in panicked "No, I'm not really mortifyingly embarrassed" mode. I just end up looking crazy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night at the Roxberry Juice

I love this very much. I do, indeed. In fact, over the course of the past 6 weeks, I've loved these Roxberry Juice smoothies 21 times. Where else can you get 32 ounces of orange/strawberry/banana nutrishyum for only 304 calories? We have developed quite the relationship, Roxberry and I, and we hope to be together for some time to come.
Monday nights are buy 1 get 1 free. Who could ask for anything more? Not this girl.