Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In The Past Decade...

(Thanks Lili for inspiring this post)

-8.5 years spent living in Utah

-5 years (minus summers) spent in School (BYU)

-4 summers in Ohio

-1 internship in New York City

-1 diploma: BFA from BYU (Public Relations)

-34 roommates , 6 might-as-well-have-been-roommates

-10 addresses

-3 years lived with Lisa, my longest roommate

-0 debt - yeah!

-9 visits to NYC (10th is coming up in April!)

-60 Professional Broadway shows watched -holy cow, I'm an addict

-3 "real" jobs

-2 years teaching Cougar Cubs Gymnastics on Weekends

-4 semesters helping coach Beginning Men's Gymnastics at BYU

-42 states visited (but I've visited 46 - only 4 more left!)

-9 blind dates

-6 boyfriends (none resulting from the blind dates)

-65 dates with different men (mind you, these fit the definition of a date "planned, paid for, and paired off" - I'm not sure if all the gentlemen knew I was counting it as a date - if you only count ones where they officially asked, probably about 40)

-1.5 years dating (2.25 if you count the on-again/off-again stuff)

-8.5 years not dating

-0 kisses on New Year's

-1 Valentine

-1 car owned

-5 Television show tapings

-0 traffic tickets

-100s of friends made

-2 nieces and nephews born - obviously one of each

-44 children born to former roommates

-8 unmarried former roommates (of 34!) (due to request: Bepa, Cassie, Stephanie, Britney, Brittany, Katie, Monica, Dacya who is engaged)

-3 trips to Disney World, 1 to Disney Land

-1 maroon hair catastrophe

-19 solo performances/shows

-1 tap dance recital (I learned to tap!)

-1 kitty adopted in Utah

-485 DVDs acquired

-4.5 years at the gym (1 year 3 days/week, 3.5 years 6 days/week)

I am a little frightened when I thought about including something in these stats and realized it was longer than 10 years ago.
I do, however, have so much gratefulness and thanks in my heart for all the opportunities Heavenly Father has blessed me with/allowed me to have. When I thought about "ten years from now" as a teenager, I never had a specific image because all I saw were the millions of paths my life could take- a million puzzle pieces scattered about. Looking back at the beautiful picture that was created, I know, without a doubt, I am exactly where I am intended to be.

Hoping the next decade includes:

-1 husband

- # unknown - hooligan children

-10 more Christmas's with family (mine or aforementioned desired husband's)

-10 years working at the same company

- 1 home purchase

- 1 car purchase

- 100s more friends

- 1 trip (at least) to Europe

- 1 trip to each of the 4 states I haven't been yet (Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon)

- LOTS of singing

- 1 husband for my lil sissy

- 1 blog that gets at least 10 comments - it'd be my first time! (but I could shoot for the moon and go for 25!!!) (or overshoot the moon and go for...a million? Ok, maybe only 35:-)


Jon said...

Okay, did you tell me you tap dance? Way cool.

Quinn said...

Here's Comment number 2. Let's keep it coming. I enjoyed the post.

Leila said...

Here's the third comment (on the way to ten)! I miss you tons - we are going to have to do SOMETHING soon. Or at the very least have a good long chat on the phone. Hugs from Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this makes number four!! I can't believe that I was your longest roommate out of all the others. Those were some great years. I am glad we are able to get together every now and then and just catch up. You are awesome and I hope the next ten years are good to you. We better still be friends then too. Love ya.

D 'n C said...

Here's to another 10 fabulous years!! Life is great! (Am I one that was counted as the "should have been a roommate"????) haha Miss you Grizz!

Liz H. said...

fun lists, larissa!

James Reese said...

Sounds like you've had a great ten year! If I ever get tickets to those places you need to visit, they are all yours! :)

Christopher said...

I'm impressed; 10 years of track, I'm doing good to remember what I did 10 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

You've done so much! Awesome list.

Katie said...

I'm crossing my fingers that I get to be #10! This just might be as exciting as Bo Jangles.

Audra said...

What a great post idea! You have had quite the adventurous decade Miss! I hope the wanted husband comes soon for you:) And, I am totally jealous of your awesome DVD collection!

Mena said...

I would love to help with your goal! Mine's nonsensicalnotions.blogspot.com :) Fabulous entry. I don't even know how to quantify my life like that. You are truly a wonder Ms. Villers! (I hope the Ms. part changes soon for you, by the way!) :)

mormonjuggler said...

Looks like you don't need my comment. But I wanted to comment anyway!!! How amazing it is to look back at the past and see how much you've accomplished!!! The future is yours and you will accomplish many more amazing feats!!! Love you tons!!!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Fun! I now have your blog to read and enjoy. Which is my favorite thing ever. Good list! Here's to the next big ten!

Coralee said...

Posting because you asked....hope you get to 25! :)

Shayla said...

what a fun blog idea!!! I might copy.... :)

Hamlie said...

Interesting post, it's making me think about my last ten years.

jeff said...

I admire your shameless pandering for comments.

Brent & Andrea said...

Riss, you rock! I am glad that we've been able to share some of those memories. You have been a wonderful roommate, friend, and tap buddy!

Anonymous said...

(Twentieth comment...)
So I'm late in chiming in, but it was fun to read about all your accomplishments. I think it can be really great to look back at how far we've come--I definitely was surprised at myself when I sat down to make my decade list. I'm especially amazed at your abundance of NY trips--you go!

Unknown said...

I'm glad to have been there for the past ten and am looking forward to sticking around for the next. You're awesome!

fr said...

So when are you coming to Hawaii to visit us?

Michelley said...

I'm impressed you keep track of all those numbers. I can't even remember how old I am half the time. Heard my fam got to see you over Christmas - I was sad I missed you. Hope you had a good one!

Sacha Bikhazi said...

Ris!!!! I miss you. It was so great to read the decade post and your email. You are so awesome! I hope I get to come to UT soon so I can visit your apt. It sounds very Riss-y ;)

Anonymous said...

I am the 25!!! yes!!! cool blog, interesting stats. Which ones of your "roomies" are still in the most wanted list (I was trying to guess but what if I make a mistake...).
Europe is not expensive (if you sleep in a hostel, hostels.com good source).
Washigton state is very cool. hawaii, I do not know but you can sleep at Chris slade's place for free
take care

Krissy said...

Hey, you already accomplished one goal in 09...man am I jealous!!

nateandrebecca said...

Looks like you made your goal to 25 comments...so I am a little late. But I suppose another comment won't hurt. Good luck with all your hopes for the next 10 years!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you could even come up with all of those stats!!! Did you keep a detailed journal- or just make things up? Only 9 blind dates???? Really???? I go on that many in one year!

Unknown said...

Hi Ris
We just had to help you get to the magic number of 25. It was fun reading your recap of 2008. It sound like you are enjoying life and doing some great things career wise. We wish you an even better 2009 (with a great husband - you deserve it).
With Lots of love!

Beth Benson said...

loved the post!!

Angelina said...

I feel so special to be included among Larissa's 100s of friends--and I'm not even being sarcastic!

Larissa said...

WOW! I feel warm fuzzies running the course of my soul!

To answer some questions:
1. YES - I LOVE to tap & I would love to be better - the rhythm of life is a powerful thing.

2. I want to go to Vegas very soon!

3. Lisey - we will TOTALLY be friends in ten years!

4. Almost nothing could be as exciting as Bojangles.

5. I hope everyone copies this blog idea - I would LOVE to read all of your lists

6. Hawaii? Oh...yesterday isn't soon enough... (What island are you on?)

7. YES, I really keep track of all of these things. And sometimes I have a freakishly good memory and sit and make lists of things I want to remember. Odd, I know.

8. Blind dates - they should only be an hour each and I tend to avoid them because I never want to be the girl that is standing there when they guy opens the door and things, "Oooh....this is...going to be...a loooong...night..."

9. Blind dates - I am willing to be setup if you guys know a hottie mchothot with a shake and fries:-)

10. Angelina - I am the one who is very lucky! How many people have met up with me in Boston? How many people have I traveled to New England to see? YOU are a precious commodity, my friend:-)

Kimmy said...

You are an incredible woman and it made me miss you to read this post. Love you and your sweet sis. I have 4 hooligan boys almost overnight :)

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