Wednesday, January 21, 2009

True Colors

Last night I played the game True Colors. The basic gist is that the cards ask questions like, "Who has no problem whatsoever striking up a conversation even with strangers?"
Players secretly vote on the person who best fits the description on the card.
The point?
I "won:"
  • Most gullible
  • Most want to be with in a nudist colony
  • Floor most likely to be so clean you could eat off of it
  • Worst break-up story
  • Most times falling in love at first sight
  • Most want to take along to pick out art
  • Most likely to have a successful candlelight dinner
  • Hottest by a mile (ok, not really, but I can dream)
Do you think these are accurate at all? I was entirely amused, being as I only thought I'd "win" one of these!


Jon said...

I can't believe you remember that you had the most votes on all of those. I can't remember any of them, except that I was voted "least wanted to be with at a nudist colony." I guess everyone realized I would be too intimidating to stand next to naked. ;)

Vanessa Swenson said...

A budding nudist, eh?
But the floor one? Yeah, I totally can see that.

jeff said...

I have no idea who you played with, but the "love at first sight" one doesn't surprise me. It's what happens in pretty much every musical, after all.

And the nudist colony one should be very flattering. Your friends don't necessarily think you likely to join the nudies; they just wish you would. That's what happens when you work out every day (hence I will never win that category).

Larissa said...

Oooo - I didn't think of it that way, Jeff. Everyone wants my muscular bod. OR (and this is my theory), they just know I will be nonjudgemental and inspire them to start working out and get better bod's themselves - cause I would! :-)