Friday, January 2, 2009


I needed desperately to get hammered on New Year's. More precisely, I need a hammer. I thought I had one - I have Craftsman tools galore, but my hammer has been abducted somewhere along the line.
This nail sticks out absurdly, annoyingly high right in front of the entrance to my kitchen. I, and countless barefoot guests, have encountered the nuisance, which nips at our unsuspecting feet in the harshest of ways.
Yesterday I decided to let that little imp have it after another cruel attack. In my blind fury, I grabbed the nearest metal object from my counter and started pounding away.
Before I could even tell you what was happening, white foam started spraying everywhere. I had grabbed the Resolve carpet cleaner and that cantankerous little nail unrelentingly barraged the can.
I felt an idiot, to say the least. The entirety of my kitchen floor was blanketed in alabaster froth, as were the counters, the dining room entry, some dishes - it was White Christmas for New Years.
I needed to clean the kitchen anyway, perhaps this was a little extra motivation...and now my place smells...hygienic.


James Reese said...

That is HILARIOUS, Larissa!!!! ha ha! I wish I would have been there to see it....and to help you clean up afterwards......

Jon said...

Hey! I found your blog! What's more, I've started my own. :)

nateandrebecca said...


Karen said...

The mental picture of you pounding away at that nail with a can of carpet cleaner just made my day! You are awesome!!