Thursday, January 22, 2009


Does the incessant repeating of this message (or any variation thereof) drive anyone else crazy?

"At the tone, please leave your message. At the end of your message please press pound or hang up. For further options, please press zero."

SERIOUSLY! If you don't know how to leave a voicemail by now, then you were cryogenically frozen with Mel Gibson back in 1954. Enough with the instructions already, we know, we get it.

Now, if you would like to leave a comment, please press "comment" and fill in the form. At the end of your comment, please press submit. For further options...

1 comment:

j said...

Why would I want to leave a numerical page? By definition, wouldn't the end of my call be when I hang up?

When I was the executive secretary and had to make tons of phone calls, especially to people I didn't know, who probably weren't going to answer my call (what's up with everyone not answering the phone for unknown numbers?) I got really tired of these uber-long voicemail intros. I suspect that the it's part of the phone company's plan to ensure that you can't make your call last under one minute, thus forcing the call to count as 2 minutes.