Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I don't recall ever actually making/documenting a New Year's resolution. Why? Society makes us believe a list of resolutions is actually a list of things we are not going to do/ways to disappoint ourselves. In that case, my resolutions are:
1. Gain 20 pounds and learn to accept my body at big, blonde, and beautiful.
2. Quit working out every day because all those hard bodies are so 2007.
3. Ask someone out on a date at least once a week.
4. Kiss an equal amount of men in one year as the total so far in my life.
5. Quit travelling - there is nothing more to see than where I am right now.
6. Start drinking, smoking, and every other nefarious activity of the world.

In actuality, my goals resemble (drum roll please for my first documented list of resolutions ever) more of the following:
1. Visit Washington and Oregon - crossing off states 47 and 48 on my quest to visit all 50 states by the time I am 30.
2. Go out on something that resembles a date at least once every other month.
3. Maintain my current fitness routine, with emphasis on being happy because I can do all I do instead of concentrating on how much better I *could* do.
4. Find a new job. A good one.
5. Sing more.
6. Save money. Lots.


Vanessa Swenson said...

Your schmezolutions made me laugh so loud that my roommate in the other room was like, "What's so funny?"

Larissa said...

Oh Venomator, I am SO happy you read my blog AND leave comments. You are my only reader!!!

Anonymous said...

Your email reached me and I read as soon as I could. Your "schmezolutions" were pretty funny, in case you aren't yet aware. :)Great job Riss! Love ya! ~Mena

bec said...

feel free to stay with my family when you go to Washington!

Jenny said...

Awesome resolutions. I didn't think of any this year...I have a 3 month goal--but don't resolutions fade out around then usually anyway?!:) Our blog is http://marcusandjenny.blogspot.com You can check us out there. I love blogs! Glad we have your address. Happy New Year!

Michelley said...

hey riss - fun to see your blog. I must admit I liked your first resolutions better. I'm with you on the gain 20 pounds!! Let's make 2008 the official year of buffet eating baby! Hope you had a good holiday!!

Liz H. said...

i love it! you're darling, larissa! :)