Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bleach Bonanza Continues...

I found out something that makes the previous bleach story even BETTER!
Mom used to have these two albino frogs that bore a remarkable resemblance to floating raw chicken. They mated all the time. The male died happily attached to the female, alas she began her celibate life without him.
Mom was bleaching in one side of the sink and little froggy was frolicking in the other side while Mom cleaned her tank. Mom lifted the stop for the bleach water to go down the drain, but an overabundance of water caused bleach water to rise into the froggy frolic side.
Mom immediately picked up froggy and tried washing her off. I could not get any detailed information other than, "It was so sick. Her skin started falling of and it was just...ugchk...I just can' was so sick." The ultimate diagnosis - death by bleaching (an already albino frog). Perhaps you can say the frog croaked.


Vanessa Swenson said...

Maybe you should buy XXL white hoodie sweatshirts??
Poor frog. That's quite the unfortunate story. You didn't tell Andrea, did you? I imagine I could hear her crying all the way at my apartment if you'd told her.

Vanessa Swenson said...

Oh, and I just totally subscribed to your blog.