Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Haunting Mistakes

We all make mistakes or have these moments that will always haunt the back of our minds. Some of those make me cringe to this day. You may laugh, but I am haunted by a lot of things. I can hear voice of wisdom, L.Lo in "Freaky Friday", "You've got to let it go and move on, man!"

Here are several situations I will never, EVER repeat or forget:

1. Getting a top secret e-mail from a new friend and forwarding it to my beau at the time. Only I didn't - I forwarded the e-mail back to the original sender, message to my beau attached. Ouch. Thank heavens Sender was forgiving!

2. Trusting those who know of my absurd love for fresh mozzerella cheese balls. I once ate a ball of butter due to the trickery of one of the aformentioned folks of knowledge.

3. Trying something that is preceded by the phrase, "Eww! This is so disgusting, you have to try it!"

4. If you ask me if it smells like "Up dog" in the room, I will never again respond, "What's up dog?"

5. Scream with rage at a musical director for not casting me as the lead Zeigfeld Follies girl because I am perfect for the part, but too short (duh, me!). I still hang my head in such shame about that 17-year old mistake, but MAN it felt good! I regret a LOT of things that had to do with auditions from 16-22. What is it about young young adults that makes us think, "There is no way in the entire world anyone could possibly ever be better than me!"?

6. Expecting all those people to show up on my front lawn after signing up with Verizon. (ok, so that one didn't happen)

7. Stealing anything small enough to stick up the poofy sleeves of my red polka-dot 80s.

8. Pretending I am interested in something just to impress a guy. I will never like video games. Ever. Don't try and no one will get hurt.

9. Thinking I was the bomb-diggity with a cherry on top when I was in 73rd ward. Not in a conceited way, but I wish I would have helped others shine more instead of trying to keep myself shining. Youth, I attribute it to youth...

10. Having a rather heated "discussion" with a dear roommate about her ugly, dead ficus tree as the center of attention in the room. I learned a LOT about selflessness that day. She had it, I didn't. I have tried to be, and truly hope I am more like her in that aspect today. Let your roommates be who they are, not who you want them to be!

Oh yeah...and as a bonus, Elephant's do not fit in Safeway bag's. No way:-)


Mandi said... are officially on my blogger buddy list. I will keep up to date on you can't hide!

bec said...

I wish I could have witnessed some of those

Marcus and Jenny said...

You're so great. Really. HOpe to see you at Bart's party.