Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Before Christmas, I went out for a night of ballroom dancing with the old folks with some friends. We all ventured to IHOP afterwards (no matter how many times I try that place, it still isn't any good!). IHOP happened to be the unfortunate location of the disappearing keys. My friend who drove couldn't find her keys anywhere. About fifteen of us looked for about ten or fifteen minutes and we were all brain storming ideas because we were an hour away from home and the spare keys. Then, I stuck both hands in my pockets. I had one set of keys in one pocket and another in the other. What the? How? Well, at least we found them!
The young lady in the teal coat in the photo is the one I stole from!


Vanessa Swenson said...

key-monger. that's a goofy story. how on earth did you pull that off?

Larissa said...

So it ends up, she had dropped her keys under the table by my feet while we were sitting down. Her keys and my keys are just 3 keys and a Gold's membership tag, so I looked down and picked them up assuming they were mine. I put them in a pocket. I never had more than one hand in my pocket at a time, obviously, until the final discovery that I had a set of keys in each pocket. They should seriously make a "Lost" episode out of this!