Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Miss Foods

Throughout the years I have learned to love and commit to several amazing foods, then, like a man, they are gone.
11. Campbell's baked ramen noodle spicy chicken soup
10. Peanut Butter Snickers
9. McLean Deluxe- Only ten grams of fat!
8. Taco Bell's light menu
7. Arby's light menu
6. Thai Pepper- farewell to my favorite Massaman curry
5. Rojo's Pizza- the place burned down, but, and here is the part where you have to love Piqua, the owners are suspect for arson
4. German Chocolate Cake lowfat frozen yogurt Homemade Brand
3. Grasshopper Pie lowfat frozen yogurt Homemade Brand - I existed entirely off of this treat when I had my wisdom teeth removed
2. Hershey's Cookies'n'Mint - the best chocolate ever ever ever ever!
1. Leatherby's Provo location. All of my dreams of Monster Ice Cream will no longer be fulfilled, struck down in their prime. Please, a moment of silence...


Vanessa Swenson said...

I went to a place a couple of days ago that had some great massaman curry: Bangkok Thai or something like that in Orem. We should go to see if you feel at least partially satiated.

Erika said...

Leatherby's is gone? Where is an apartment of girls in Provo supposed to go to mourn the loss of a boyfriend? I guess they will have to make the trip to Vegas. They still have one here (as far as I know).

bec said...

we LOVE Leatherby's (it just moved closer to campus) Just thinking about that hot fudge makes me want to go eat some ice cream for lunch.
I miss Lea & Perins BBQ sauce, I don't know why they stopped making it. It was only the best.

Larissa said...

NO, no, the newer Leatherby's location close to campus where Jerry's hamburgers used to be is most definitely closed:0( They still have ones in SLC and Taylorsville though, I think...

nateandrebecca said...

Rebecca and I would also like to add our condolences to Leatherby's of Provo. It was great knowing such a fine culinary establishment. We will always retain our fond memories of birthday parties and huge spit wad fights (well, soaked napkin fights that is). Driving by this past Friday night, we still saw multiple parties stopping to pay their respects (and to discover that their plans for the night were demolished).

Anonymous said...

Yea i actually used to work there, it was a sad day when it closed