Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Happy Together

I read someone's status on Facebook: "Nothing like sharing your life with someone you love."
The thought crossed my mind, "Good thing I love myself."
At first I thought I was being all ironic and funny considering I'm not married or co-habitating.
Then I thought about all of my wonderful and amazing comrades whom I do share my life with.
My wonderings soon shifted to all of the people out there who do not love themselves...I used to be one of them. How they long to gain acceptance, approval, and love from others that they cannot give themselves.
I've heard it said that you are not capable of loving another as they deserve until you truly love yourself. While there are some reflections of the truth in this, I beg to differ. I say you can learn to love yourself through practicing loving others.
When you can care for someone beyond their flaws and love them in spite of their quirks, perhaps someday you can look past your own imperfections to love everything you are too.

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Julie said...

I've heard it said, that people come in to our lives, for a reason... You're a doll :0)