Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Balance and Old Faithful

October 15, 2004.
That was the day I joined Provo Rec Center - workout facilities of two converted racquetball courts - 1 for weight machines, 1 for cardio machines.
Six months later I joined Gold's Gym and purchased my first official pair of New Balance 664 Cross Training shoes. They have long been my favorites. I have scoured the internet every six months for years until no more were to be found. (Daily gym'ers should replace shoes every 6 months - I'm a size 6B in these shoes if you ever find 'em! Also a big fan of 766 in kids size 4W)
As many pairs as I trashed, I couldn't stand to part with that first pair. I finally came to terms with the inevitable this past Saturday, but not before taking one last photo of the dynamic duo. Thanks NB's for helping me change my life! Mwa!

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Shayla said...

six months?! oops.