Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When you hear the freeway is a parking lot starting about 3 miles before your exit, you tend to find an alternative route. But so does everyone else.
My 23-minute commute to Gym ended up taking me 47. I formulated a quickie routine and had just enough time to squeeze in weights before skedaddling to rehearsal. After starting my run towards the entrance, I turned back to fetch my forgotten blue love - iPod. I also grabbed some trash, squeezed my right hand to confirm the presence of my keys and shut the door.
I fumbled to position my member card on my keychain for speedy check-in. What's this? My keys are now a beef jerky wrapper and a flier?
Of all frustrating days, it had to be the one I was already beyond behind.
And you know what else? Technology stinks. Why? Cause I don't have anyone's numbers memorized anymore. Do I have a hero's phone number? Sure! First name + last name + send. I ended up calling my office and having a co-worker log in to my Facebook until someone got on chat who might have a phone number of someone who has a key to my apartment and could retrieve my spare car key.
Trauma. But I was only 2 minutes late:-) And I am filled with gratitude and humility towards the hero of the day and his sweet service.


ChelBelle said...

Hey, I was that facebook friend!! I also have a key to your apartment, though. You should have said something!!

Larissa said...

Indeed it was YOU! BJ was on his way to the same place I was, so I figured he'd be best. I actually, about two minutes later, had my coworker log back onto my facebook to see if you were still there because I couldn't get ahold of BJ, but you were offline. I thought about it, don't you worry! Thanks for your help!