Monday, August 31, 2009

Butt Slapping

I've had enough!
Whilst there is nothing wrong with a playful slap towards my posterior end with a towel or pillow, I am fed up with men thinking it is ok to just grab a handful of my booty! NOT acceptable! The next man who does this is going to get slapped.
Am I joking? Am I for real? I can count at least 5 men who regularly participate in aforementioned activity. I am a pure, clean woman and plan on staying that way, so keep your hands off!
I have a difficult time getting upset with people I love, especially when I know they are just playing, but there are lines and they have been crossed. Again, I've had enough!


ChelBelle said...

I wish I could say I agree with you, but I just can't enough butt-slapping! Really, I am just commenting to tell you that I think it's really funny that you have my blog listed, even though I've never posted a single thing. And also, I think Celeste will be pretty devastated to see Eric's and mind on there, but not hers.
Love ya!

ChelBelle said...

*ahem* I meant "just can't GET enough"

Larissa said...

Huh, weird, Celeste's blog is linked to, I dunno what you are talking about ;-)I did think the slappage was humorous until last night - a tipping point was reached. And you know you meant you "can't enough!" ;-)

Marianne & Clayton said...

I say slap em! Nothing too hard. If I had a nickel for every time I got "poked" or patted on the bum, especially on the planes... well, I might have $3.45 or something. But it was always a pet peeve of mine.

The nice thing about a slap, is that it is offensive, a gesture that is off limits and a bit playful all at the same time. Exactly like a slap on the bum. And if anyone is upset that you slapped them afterwards, you explain how it is the same thing to you.

Good luck.

Eric said...

Slap 'em, girl! Or I'll lay the smack down if you want. Although, you'd probably do better than me in a fight... :)

Anna said...

You mean business huh? Next time they go for some slappage- tell em- that IT is yours. AND YOURS only.

Shayla said...

I was told butt-slapping is always okay if you throw out a little, "good game!" However, in my nervous state I'm sure I would get turned in for sexual harassment no matter what vocab I attempted to slap on at the end. C'est la vie!