Monday, April 20, 2009

Aortal Difficulties

Where to begin?

My aortal center is once again experiencing difficulties in not shattering, but purely in an emotional sense--no worries there about some serious physical problem.

Every time my blood-pumping organ falls victim, I realize something, the great blessing of all...
I have more people that love and care for me than I knew. Friends canceled plans, changed plans, got off work early, re-arranged schedules, you name it - all for the sake of staying by my side in my time of need. I almost want to experience difficulties now so that I can get all of this awesome attention:-) But seriously, I have seen inconceivable, astonishing amounts of selflessness and sincerity over the past few days.

I also realized that I shamelessly seek so much empathy from all of those I love when I am in a time of need. I understand this is what I need to do to make it through with my sanity, however, some friends only hear from me when I have negative news. I don't want to be that person!

I resolve to be more in touch when I have good news - when life is happy. Maybe we, as human nature, are more interested when a good drama is brewing, however, I want happy drama! :-) I understand I need nurturing, but when I am more in touch with everyone when times are smooth and when they need me, then we will all get more of what we need in the long run. And I think we will love each other that much more...and isn't love the greatest blessing of all?


Jenn said...

Ok, ok, hit me with the whole story. I am leaving for UT tomorrow AM for graduation...any chance you could sneak me in on Thurs/Fri?

James Reese said...

Larissa, how could we NOT be there for you.... You are amazing!