Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lose Ten Pounds in Three Words

I am your average-sized girl (around, not vertically), but I can see how some men could view me as "fluffy." Many of my friends, however, know I am athletic and have often commented they think I am a little ball of muscle (thanks for the ego stroke, but it isn't true!) - obviously seeing that extra bulk as desirable tissue. This may just be because they love me too much to tell me I'm a fatty mcfatfat :-)

I have, however, developed this philosophy that if you know someone is athletic, you probably view them as thinner and more fit than they are in actuality. So, when you are feeling large and in charge, always make sure to declare your love, devotion, and commitment to Gym. Just say, "I work out*."

What do you think?

*Interestingly enough, "work out" the verb is two words, while "workout" the noun is only one. Now you are smarter. You're welcome.


Kristie said...

Haha so true. I could eat a Big Mac with one of my friends, and as long as I say, "I work out," despite the fact that I obviously don't have the body of a marathon runner, I always feel a little less guilty. They also accept the binge as well deserved. Haha.

Audra said...

You hit the nail on the head! I work out, too girl!

Shayla said...

I totally work out. Tell all your friends. :)

snittymagee said...

I am smarter now, thank you. And thinner too.