Monday, June 1, 2009

I Like You Because...

I like you because you like me.

I've had a lot of relationships and I am ALWAYS more attracted to men when I know they are attracted to me. Experts (that's me) say that four times out of five you will be more likely to consider dating a man you hadn't thought about previously when you know he is attracted to you.

You know, there must be something amazing about him if he is smart enough to realize that you are amazing!

This even applies outside of romantical relationships. Don't you favor the nephew or niece that loves you most? Don't you like the friends more who make an effort to be around you, basking in the glow of your awesomeness?

We are selfish little scalawags, aren't we? :-)


Mena said...

You're correct; add another "expert" :)

bec said...

I don't think it ends with people, don't people usually like the games/sports that tend to like them back? aka they always win at them. Maybe that's a stretch, but still true.

Jon said...

You know, there have been times when finding out a girl likes me has actually been a turnoff. I know, it's weird. Maybe it's just because I think she likes me too soon and I'm worried that she isn't basing her crush on the part of me I like the most. I'll be surprised if this comment makes sense to anyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I ALWAYS like guys more when they really like me- because they do such cute things for you when they like you a ton- which in turn makes you like them a ton too! And as far as attraction goes, of course you want to be a hottie to the one you love!

Shayla said...

I think you're right too...BUT, Jon, I can also see your point of view. I think it's a guy/girl thing. Girls love to be loved, and guys love to do the chasing. Therefore, girls are attracted to people who like to be around (and therefore like) them, and guys are turned off by girls who like, (a form of "chase") them. Right?

Anna said...

So true. There is something about someone liking you. It can be so attractive!

You really are an expert!

Larissa said...

Well said, troops!
Becca, I love your analogy about sports - SOOOO TRUE! I love Frisbee cause I can play it!
There is a difference between someone stalking you and being interested in you - big difference :-) Maybe Jon doesn't know the difference and that is why he is still single? hehe, j/k, baby!
Shayla - girls are different from guys! Somehow that still comes as the newsflash of the century once in awhile.
Anna & Mena - I welcome the compliment greatly, coming from other experts :-)