Friday, May 29, 2009

Why is He Just Not That Into You?

I can humbly accept the fact when I am just not a particular young man's desired commodity. The elephant in the room traipsing, nay promenading about is, "Why?"

Analyzing this too much leads to self-deprecation, many a tub of Ben & Jerry's, and a consequential sugar don't do it!

My heart-your-face friend Anna has a philosophy that all the men who don't want us are indubitably gay. As true as that may be, I have a different school of thought: Ice cream.

Picture the dating pool as Baskin Robbins - 31 flavors of frozen delightfulness. Each of those flavors is someone's favorite, each of them is highly desirable to someone, somewhere. If my favorite flavor is chocolate raspberry, there is nothing you can do to convince me to want another flavor. If you ask, "What is wrong with the other flavors?" my answer will be, "Nothing! I just want this one."

Just because someone doesn't want your Very Berry Strawberry doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. Soon enough, dreamalicious hunkomania is going to walk into your store and you are his favorite flavor. Rest assured, he is going to want to get him a piece of that! As Ross would say, "Grab a spoon."


Tanisha said...

i think the best thing i ever did for myself was to realize that no matter what i did, some guys would just never be interested. it sounds so simple and obvious, yet, just like you have discovered, it just takes a moment of enlightenment for that lightbulb-scalding hot and blinding as it may be-to turn on.

Mena said...


Anna said...

Larissa- I totally relate to food analogies. I think that I am chocolate peanut butter. One day someone will LOVE it AND I will love that dish in return! ;)

great post!

Tanisha- well said!

Shayla said...

You are always so insightful. I'm happy being peanut butter cookie dough...just gotta find someone who loves that ;)

Jon said...

While we're on food analogies, I'm reminded of my philosophy that you can develop a taste for any food--you just have to have enough of it. I've proven that theory again and again. Now I guess I have to try that theory on girls.

Larissa said...

Jon, I totally agree with you. When I first started eating boogers, I never thought I'd acquire a taste for 'em.... ;-)