Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flowers & Chocolates

I have a philosophy about flowers.

They die.

That being said, I love them - I love being reminded that I am a dainty, delicate little female to be lavished (not ravished - get your mind out of the gutter).

That being said, they still die. I suppose I'd always appreciate a good low-cost bunch or single bloom, but when guys go out and spend beaucoup bouquet bucks, I feel so torn between guilty and giddy!

I was thinking about this because aforementioned "blind" date brought me a beautiful, darling bouquet of sunflowers and daisies! The week before, a dear friend who knew I needed some love, brought me over a mother's day arrangement (yes, I am a mom to a beautiful poofy-tailed little girl kitty).

Perhaps my guilt stems from the fact that I have never, and I mean never, dated someone who is better off financially than I am. Sad, huh?

I'd rather the money be spent on something lasting - chocolates (they definitely last on my thighs), a new DVD, a guest pass to come to the gym with me :-), or just anything that says, "I was thinking of you." Maybe no money spent at all - just a note left on my car. Wow, that would really get my heart thumpin'.
Or how about saving the money every time he thinks about spending on me and then we can do something awesome like skydive or take a trip to....anywhere!?!

Then again, you could argue that the memories and the thoughtfulness of the flower gesture last forever.

To flower, or not to flower? That is the question.


Jon said...

Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite kind of flower?

Larissa said...

Tulips - yours ;-)
Anything with Petals.
J/k...I don't think I have one - I love lilies and lavender colored roses and anything happy-looking:-)