Friday, May 1, 2009


I really love Indian food. More than a friend.


Vanessa Swenson said...

You tried malai kofta?

Shayla said...

I hope not more than this friend!!!

Brent & Andrea said...

I love that phrase "more than a friend." Let's get together sometime and play, ok?

P.S. I work out at Gold's now. I am getting healthier and happier. Cardio cinema is where it's at. Hurray!

Larissa said...

Oh sure NOW you workout at Gold's. Forget the fact that we lived in the same city for FOUR years and in the same apartment for TWO while I worked out there and you never joined....sheesh! :-) American Fork Gold's actually has my favorite cardio machine. We should workout together sometime then get frozen hot chocolate at Smart Cookie :-) Cardio Cinema is definitely where it is at - I love actually relaxes me...the dark coolness of it all...*sigh*....I want cardio cinema NOW! :-)