Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today I Love Jon Scott

Any Fringe fans out there?  Anyone?  Anyone?! 

Cause if you are, you'll recognize this as the name of a very handsome fellow in the first few episodes.

If you aren't, you'll recognize this as the name of one of the most friendly, adventurous, caring men I know.

Memories, hmm...countless game nights, countless e-mails, an Alaskan Cruise, two year's worth of touring Broadway productions at the Capitol Theater, him choreographing a tap dance number for Nunsense, giggling at him as Collins in Price and Prejudice, many a debate about relationships, the stake musical production, St. George, the list goes on. 

Jon is actually the lucky recipient of many, many a date with Melissa.  Together, they are the creators of the game Witness Protection Program.  Groups of people all over the state gather together on a regular basis to have a fun evening of Witness.  I aspire to be as fun as these two:-)

Jon's also quite the chef, always whipping up something new in the kitchen and inviting any and all to try.  Of course, he loves to share with me because he knows I'm pretty passionate about food.  Speaking of food, Jon saw Shayla and I change our lives with a fitness program we were doing and he decided to try it out too.  He got so fit and rugged that even the men were complimenting him!

This brings me to one of the things I admire most about Jon.  He is constantly sitting back and evaluating his life position.  The minute he sees where improvement can be made, he strives for those things, whether it be physical health, spiritual health, or as simple as needing to dress a little more snazzy.  He also loves to push himself to full capacity, but he is very aware of when to say "when."  I've met many men who are so dedicated to work or their hobbies or their schooling, that they put off everything else in life - including relationships.  But Jon?  He knows that relationships are the foundation of the best things in life and the best things in eternity. 

Personality-wise, Jon is just crazy bursting with energy and excitement.  Sometimes you may sit back and think, "What?!  No way am I joining in on this..." but you just can't help but find his enthusiasm contagious.  (I think he gets a lot of this from his mom - she's stupendous!)
Most importantly, Jon always lets me know he thinks I'm super-cool, super-beautiful, and super-loved.

I love you, Jon!

Dancing after dinner on our Alaskan Cruise
Jon's game that shocks the last person to buzz in - clearly a HUGE party favorite - everyone is laughing!

One of my favorite stories - Don opened the bottle of Martinelli's and the top flew right into Jon's eye!  I am laughing just typing this - it was too hilarious.
My birthday party in '10
Halloween '10
Halloween '11

Observe his shirt...and the weird way he's looking at me.  Gotta love it.


Julie said...

Yes. Me gusta Jon. He just brings a barrel of excitement with him anywhere he goes, and has fantastic conversation skills.

Jon said...

Aw, thanks for blogging about me! You're too kind with your words. I love you too!

Unknown said...

AWE! That was the BEST blog ever! I concur with everything said! He is the most amazing man ever.