Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today I Love Colleen

My first week at church in Salt Lake City, I caught wind of a group of people who played ultimate frisbee every Wednesday.  At the time, I was playing on a league in Orem, so of course this piqued my interest.  Someone gave me Colleen's cell phone number and told me she knew all the details.  The rest is basically history!  The group of us frisbee players all began hanging out after games and watching movies every Sunday night and the get-togethers never ended.

This summer, I ran into an obstacle and Colleen would invite me on Sunday morning walks every week to talk'n'walk for an hour.  I highly recommend this activity, as it leaves your heart and soul feeling refreshed.  She is so much like me in that she is a business woman who is going to put her all into getting the job done, yet outside of that persona, she has the most tender, loving heart.

I will confirm nor deny rumors that she got me to watch "The Bachelorette" with her every Monday night this summer.

Some of my fondest memories of her are those walks this summer, lounging by the poolside at my complex, laughing at "Dam* You Auto Correct" messages with Julie until we could laugh no more, going to chick flicks, and whispering/laughing during church.

I also love that she trusts me.  She trusts me so much that there is nothing on this earth that could ever get me to violate that trust- which I hold to my heart as a treasure, the same way I hold Colleen herself.

The trait of Colleen's I admire most is her love of the Lord and her passion to commit to doing what is right.  She has had a difficult path in life at times, yet she always knows the Lord loves her and will do everything she can to see and feel His hand in her life.  She has taught me that, even when we feel we are alone and like we can't sink any deeper, the Lord is there with us.  If we don't see Him, he is there begging us to let Him help us.  Of course, she is also a prime example of how happy and blissful life can be, never letting an opportunity pass her by to be thankful for all of her blessings.  And when I need a human presence for joys or for tears, she is always one of the first to recognize it and join in with my celebration or my sorrow.

Colleen, I love you so stinkin' much and you have filled my heart with exactly the right medicine more than you'll ever know!
A Christmas Story party and Julie-Ann
San Francisco in our matching coats
My birthday party '09

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Julie said...

Yay Colleen!! She is so real and loves so much. Love her!