Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February, The Month of Love: Today I Love Shayla

In honor of Valentine's month, I'm going to spread the love each and every day of February.  We could all use some more warm fuzzies in this dark, cold winter month.

I am going to kick off with the person on my mind most today - Shayla

I wish the words, "I love you," could sum up everything I feel in my heart for this girl.

You know the people you meet and you just know you will be friends forever?  I remember chatting with her over homemade salsa and then a few months later whilst sipping hot chocolate at a Christmas event when she first started her long journey into fitness - and I knew, I just knew she'd be around for a long, long time.

She is the one who runs to my aid at the slightest hint I need help.  The one who drops off a gift certificate for my favorite food stuffs because she knows I had a bad day.  The one who mailed me a gift certificate for my favorite New York City Bakery right before my last trip.  The one who will go on random Las Vegas, New York, and Alaska trips with me.  She inspired and referred me to work with the nutrition program that changed my life a couple of years ago.  She came with darling Blake all the way to Brigham City to rescue me off the side of the road.  

Shayla is this gal and so much more.  She lets me know of the important events in her life, so I can return the marvelous gift that is our friendship.  I love that we balance each other out in the give and take.  Not only is she entirely selfless, she helps me be more so myself. 

Shayla, I love you:-)

Don't Ask


Bekah said...

ummm you hair looks ravishing in the picture with the angry face. Like wowza!!!

I love you!

Julie said...

Gasp!!! I love Shayla, too! She's always so great about remembering things, and going out of her way to make you feel important. Plus, she always has some adventure lined up that makes me jealous, in a loving way :0)

Miss Megan said...

Sometimes I wish I could just "Like" posts, 'cause I would totally Like this one! I'm so glad Shayla is so good to you! She is such a doll!

Shayla said...

Larissa!! You are so sweet!! Imagine my surprise when I checked in for my Larissa blog update today. I just love your guts!