Friday, February 24, 2012

Today I Love Kristie

Kristie is a doll - that's the first thing that comes to mind.  She's an absolute treasure.

I've known this darling for awhile, but I think we've truly gotten to know each other through stalking each other's blogs

She always has something entirely real and inspiring to share.  If she has a bad day?  She shares that sometimes life isn't perfect and what she does to deal with it.  I've discovered some new music through her, inspiring quotes, and always look forward to reading from someone else who geeks out about their pets:-)

I like to think I hold a special place in the heart of Kristie because I may have nudged her hubby her direction.  They would have ended up together regardless, I have this feeling, but ya makes me feel nice that I said, "Hey, you should ask out Kristie!"  Readers, my services are available any time!

Over the summer, she posted on her blog about what her and Karl did every weekend and I have to say I was always quite impressed with what they came up with - even if it was simply cooking a meal together, they did it with so much panache!  She shares entertaining stories about sleep-talking, work, and just general life-related ordeals.

From her soft pink, blemish-free skin to the deepest part of her heart, she is filled with tenderness - I think this is what makes her so easy to love.  Her kindness and gentleness are part of her nature - I don't think she's ever had to sit back and work at being more sympathetic or more understanding - she just is.  I am always excited to see Kristie because she is always excited to see me!  That makes it so easy, doesn't it?  And she'll listen to me go on and on about just about anything and doesn't seem to mind a bit.  Now that is someone worth loving!

Beautiful Kristie, you are a prize - I love you!

San Francisco!
Chili Halloween party at Stringham's in '08.  Me?  Straight from gym.  Kristie?  Too cute.

My birthday party in '09...bad angle for me, but Kristie looks adorable! that Karl right behind us before they even dated?  Precious:-)


Julie said...

Kristie is a doll. In fact I call her dollface as much as possible. She remembers everything funny that has ever been said and is so deep. I've heard her called an old soul. Love that girl!

Kristie said...

Golly! I'm blushing! Haha. Thank you so much! This really is the sweetest thing. I love you so much!

And thank you too, Schmaguli! You're amazing.