Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today I Love Melissa Singleton

Melissa is a babe.

She and I first crossed paths when we both volunteered to help the group of churches in our area put on a musical - me as a performer, she as the costume mistress.  Right after the musical ended, she ended up in my church congregation!  What perfect timing, because right then was when she was particularly reaching out and searching for more people to love who share her passions in all things.  I lucked out!

She submitted my headshot to be used for promotional photos for the Utah Opera and I was selected!  Let me tell you the thrill it is seeing your face on the side of buildings and buses! Shoot, I get to do all kinds of fun things because of Melissa - trips to Saint George, being on the radio, season tickets to the touring Broadway companies of shows, fun movie trips, game nights, symphony nights, random dress-up parties - you need a fun time, Melissa delivers!  I never know what hair color she'll show up with, what random thing may cause her to bust out with the most hysterical laughter, or what will make her so excited she physically starts shaking.  You cannot help but be excited about everything around her - even work!  I have seldom met someone who is a more dedicated, stellar worker than this gal - when she puts her mind to the task, consider it done 200%.  If you need help with anything, Melissa will do all within her power to be that help.  I could not look up to her more as she marches to the beat of her own drummer, and I could not imagine her any other way.

I love Melissa because she isn't into playing games.  She isn't a person who says "walk away cause it hurts less."  She isn't into anything except a person staying true to what will make them truly happy.  She always stays true to who she is.  She passionately supports any decision in life that will make the chooser truly happy.  I recently shared with her that I love being around her - she makes me cry because I feel so loved, versus crying because I don't feel so loved.   She offers counsel when she feels it appropriate, which may be nothing more than, "Larissa, I love you.  I am here for you."  But what more could I ever need or want? 

Melissa, the day you entered my life, my world flipped upside-down to open my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.  You don't just believe dreams come true, you know they do.  I LOVE YOU!!!

This was our second or third meeting, going through costumes
Halloween this past year a few hours after we returned from Saint George

The Roller Derby.  Oh yeah, we went there.
Melissa's Super Hero Birthday Party in '10

My birthday party in '10
My A Christmas Story party in '10

Melissa took us all to hear these Broadway Divas (Stephanie Block and Julia Murney) in January '11
Melissa's Birthday at the Karaoke place - '11
Why yes, we have season tickets for the Capital Theater together!  Pre-planned good times out with friends four-five times per year - priceless!


Unknown said...

Iove you! That was so kind!!

Shayla said...

oohhh, I love this girl too!!

Julie said...

I am in love with Melissa. Sorry Jon. I think she's just the best in every way possible, and makes me feel like a comedian. Always a plus.