Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I Love Mel

"Snitker?  You ain't chocolate!  You white!"
That quote is from one of my favorite stories of Mel's and it happened on her mission.  You'll have to ask her for the full story, as I could never do it justice.

I think Mel gets the award for having the most photos on my blog prior to be written about.  I've been coast-to-coast with Mel - San Fran to NYC!  In just a little while, we are even planning for a girls' trip to Vegas with Megs and Julie.

Thinking of the trip, I better watch my back, as Mel has been known to be involved in the plotting of quite a few pranks.  Before she and Anna were married (not to each other, sillies), I'd often see them running around town and, yes, they were those girls running that all the male passersby were quite happy to see.   One of our friends decided to snatch her up and make her his for eternity - brilliant fellow.  Also brilliant?  That he is friends with most of us from his single days and is all-the-more supportive of her spending time with us because he already likes us:-)

When I think of Mel, two things in particular stand out - her strength and her softness.  She has been through challenges that I don't know if I could stand.  She is much like the ladies of Steel Magnolias in that she faces her trials head-on with fervor, yet that same fervor of tenderness fills her heart.  I really don't think it would be uncommon to see the glisten of a tear in her eye while simultaneously laughing.  I picture having heart-felt conversation with her while walking through the streets of San Francisco and then the next minute she and Julie are jumping up and down twenty times for the perfect photo and we are singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs.  I'll never forget coming back to the hotel in NYC, soaking wet, and finding my room full of my girls watching a movie.  We'd all been traipsing around town in the freezing, pouring rain.  The warmth I felt as I returned was indescribable. Not just the way they'd pumped up the heat to toast us, but the love and happiness and contentment I felt with all of them that evening...those are the moments all the good stuff in life is made of.  Mel is always honest and truthful, yet knows when discretion is necessary (and when someone is jogging around dressed as Santa in really short shorts is not the time).  On top of everything, man is this gal a hard worker!  She's an example to me of friendship, of perseverance in love, and of dedication to the gospel. 

Mel, I love you!!!


I  have no idea what this was for or where we were, but Kristie uploaded it in February of '09...musta been a blast!  Good thing I didn't have any boogies...  :-)
Megan's wedding!
New York City '10
My birthday party '09
San Francisco '09


Kristie said...

It was my birthday party! Glad I could contribute! Haha.

Anna said...

Mel IS great huh? I love her too. ;)

snittymagee said...

Awe shucks. That was super sweet friend! I am excited for our ROAD TRIP!!

Julie said...


I thought you titled the blog "Today I Love Me!" and I love you, but I do love me some Mel. She is a rockstar in so many ways...except drug addictions, unless you count pickles as drugs, she's clean.