Monday, February 27, 2012

Today I Love Brooke

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a Utah Symphony Frank Sinatra tribute concert with Brooke and man do I love her!

We first began to discover the awesomeness of each other on a trip to San Francisco a couple of years ago.  She soon moved in with Leah and Kristie and the fun really began.

I loved watching her sparkle while she taught Relief Society lessons in church.  I always felt as if she were inspired to say exactly the thing I needed to hear.

That's one of the things I look up to her most for - her ability to be in tune and act on those feelings.  Whenever we are able to have a serious conversation, something comes out that makes me just about want to cry out of gratitude or humility.  You can never doubt your self-worth around her, nor can you question the sentiments she expresses to you because she could not be more sincere.  Her heart-felt words leave you no choice but to stand up and be true to who you are as a daughter of God.  Her loyalty, sacrifices, and concern for those she loves truly encompass who she is.

On top of all of that encompasses the deeper, more fulfilling things in life, Brooke is FUN!  She will never cease to make you laugh and join in on whatever absurdity you are participating.  And she does this crazy babydoll eye's...well, you just have to see it.

Brooke - I love you!


Julie said...

The babydoll eyes! So hilarious. But yes, she has such depth and conviction, and I love that about her.

Chicklet said...

What an angel you are. Thank you, how sweet is this? I love you back.

Kristie said...

I love her too! And I love how all the San Fran pics are totally crazy. Haha.