Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today I Love Leah

Leah Jacobs has changed my life.

I'm serious.

Leah took me under her wing and is one of my biggest advocates.  She is loud and sassy and has a personality as big and bright as the sun. 

Once upon a time, I dated a young man whom she had indicated to me had interest, which piqued my interest and the rest is history.  And then we stopped dating.  And then Leah said, "Hey, Riss, why don't you come audition for Nunsense with me?  I know you love performing and you'd be great as the novice.  Just come.  You've got nothing to lose."

Doesn't heartache always get you to do crazy things you wouldn't otherwise do?  I think that is the only part I like about break-ups - how they break your shell too.

I auditioned.  After not having performed in about nine years, I got the part of the ballerina nun Sister Mary Leo in Nunsense.  Leah earned the part of Sister Robert Anne.  Soon thereafter, we were in another musical together.  Commence practically six months of being together.

Leah also does my hair.  After our performing adventures together, I knew her dream of going to New York City.  I found a killer deal and organized a group of people to go.  She wanted to, but didn't know how she'd find the funds.  Let's just say, she and I worked out a little arrangement where she would give me a certain amount of hair services and I would fund her to come with us.  Best. Arrangement. Ever.

Leah is by far one of the most nurturing people I know.  She is fiercely protective of those she loves, so it is a good thing she loves something about practically everyone.  You know those people that you walk into a room with and then five minutes later you are best friends with everyone in the room?  That's my Leah:-)  There is something about her that makes you feel alright in the world - like everything is going to be okay.  She has come to support me at every show I've been in - after all, she is the reason I got into the theater scene here in Utah - I don't know if I ever would have been strong enough to try without her.

I have many unforgettable memories with Leah.  Several of them stick out to me.  Last year around Valentine's, I was having a bummer of a time.  Leah and Brooke took it upon themselves to take me to Five Guys (cause why have one when you can have five?!), buy me some nail polish, and invite me over for a chick flick.  I also spent New Year's with them that year over a nice assortment of Chinese take out, a movie, and laughter.  I cannot even count the amount of performances and events we have been to together, however, the one that stands out the most to me is Idina Menzel.  Leah may or may not have an obsession with Wicked and Idina is the original star.  I invited her to come to the outdoor concert in Deer Valley with me and at several points, she was so overcome with joy that she was crying.  I love this lady!   Whenever I watch Leah perform, I'm about busting with pride at the seams telling everyone around me, "That's my friend!  That's MY friend!  Isn't she amazing?!"  Seriously folks, saying Leah is talented isn't the half of it.

Leah is never, ever one to hold back her gratitude and love for you.  She will lavish you with praise when you deserve it and slap your behind into gear when you don't.  Of all of these entries, I haven't yet felt that there is no way to describe in words the way I feel about the individual, but, with Leah...I just can't quite manage.  I guess you can say she keeps me speechless...probably because I'm always laughing too hard:-)   

Leah - I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

Leah helping me with my microphone/hair/makeup before a show

This is what I look like when Leah is doing my hair.  So hot, huh?

At Melissa's Karaoke birthday party - see Melissa in the background singing! Yep, I'm definitely not wearing any makeup...

Group Trip to NYC


Leah love at my birthday '09


Julie said...

definitely agree with everything...except her getting me into the theater scene in utah...but she is indescribably perfect.

Am to the Ber to the... said...

I love this dedcation to Leah! Oh how i LOVE her too! I get all happy just thinking about her! She is pretty great! As are you!

Kristie said...

I too love her an inordinate amount. Also, I tagged you in a game over at my blog!

Chicklet said...

What a beautiful way to describe such a beautiful person. She has my heart as well. Never a truer friend. Except for Jesus. :)