Friday, February 10, 2012

Today I Love Megan Smyth

Megan Smyth = big hug of sunshine.

Seriously.  When you are with her, these rays of sunshine shoot out of her body and wrap themselves around you in their warm embrace.

I actually knew who Megan was for a couple of years before we officially met.  You see, when I moved to Salt Lake, I saw her my first Sunday at church (she moved away very soon after this) while she lead music in one of the classes.  Then, she got up and announced that we all needed to come watch her in Bye Bye Birdie.  I thought to myself, "If she can do it, I can do it!"   I didn't act on that inspiration until the next summer, with the help of amazing Leah, but she planted a seed.

Fast Forward to October of 2010, one of the first rehearsals for 1940s Radio Hour.  Megan showed up to audition for the role of Anne, after our original Anne had to drop.  A couple of other auditioners took their turns before Megan was offered the role and she introduced herself to us.  I think we've giggled over how trepidatious we both were about meeting each other - I was intimidated by her because I knew she'd been performing for years and she was intimidated by me because I was playing the over-confident "sexy" character and had taken on a little of that persona.

After rehearsal one Saturday afternoon, we bonded over something that had concerned us with rehearsal and planned on going vintage clothes shopping for costumes after a good burger (mmm..the way to my heart).  Throughout the two months of rehearsals and running shows, we talked about everything - dating, food, shows, philosophies, finances, friends, professions, travels -  you name it. 

The interesting thing about the friendship Megan and I share is that I don't remember one specific experience where I made the goal, "I must make her my friend," it just kind of happened...that's how easy things are with her!  Megan is that sweet, sweet, sweet (did I mention sweet?) individual who cannot help but to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.  She will do anything to make sure you are loved - including invite you to Thanksgiving dinner with her family because your closest family is 2,000 miles away.  She is also my one friend that I bond with over Anthropologie - such good taste we have.

The attribute of Megan that I admire the most is definitely her ability to care/support and truly listen to her friends and loved ones.  She remembers everything you tell her - your concerns, your loves, your activities - and she regularly follows up with you about all the things you have told her about.  If she hasn't heard from you in a little while, she'll even give you a call just to check in.  When she knows you are busy?  She makes plans with you for two weeks later.  She is a treasure.  I cannot imagine my life without her and we've only been friends for a little over a year.  That's just the thing - it seems like I've always known her and always had her with me.  Heck, we've even been asked if we are sisters on more than one occasion - this tickles me.

I love you, Megan!!!

1940s Radio Hour
Out and about an a lovely summer evening
Am I that happy because of the delicious Shake Shack burger or because I am sitting next to Megan?  Hmmm...
New York, New York!


Miss Megan said...

Oh, wow. You just made me cry! And apparently I'm speechless because I don't know what to say. I love you, my Riss! Sometimes I need a reminder of how other people see me, and this is amazing! Thank you for being exactly who you are, and for loving me! I am honored to be mistaken as your sister!

I hope you know I'm going to be printing this out and putting it in my journal so I always have it with me ;^D

Aaron said...

What a coincidence; I love her, too!

Great post, Larissa :)