Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I Love Julie

Julie came to me as a package deal with Megan (you can see this post for more photos of Julie).  How lucky can a girl get?

Once upon a time, Julie and I would e-mail back and forth throughout our work days, just catching up and chatting about random co-worker bathroom encounters, snacks for the day, you know, things that only good friends care about:-)  Then she went into "retirement," traveled all around, and up and moved to Phoenix.

When thinking back on my move to Salt Lake, I can't remember a time Julie hasn't been there.  I remember hanging out with her before, during and after each of my relationships.  One Easter, her roommates and I all walked through Murray park, then sat on her front porch chatting until the sun went down.  I remember countless parties there, Aladdin sing-along's, prank planning sessions, haircuts, tears, laughter enough to fill a lifetime, food...oh yes, I have fun with Julie.

I don't have a favorite memory with this girl because there are just too many.  Laughing all night in San Francisco after walking a couple of miles to our hotel whilst singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs?  Being stuck in the airport in Hawaii for two days?  Our goal to visit every ABC store along the waterfront in Honolulu while Megs and Kev went on a date?  Shopping for Megan's wedding?  Valentine's parties?  Fondue parties?  Random gym run-in's?  Like I said...too many!

What I admire most about Julie is her chutzpah.  When she gets a goal in mind, she does it - she doesn't care what obstacle is in her path or how long it may take, she takes action immediately and sticks to it.  I've never seen her give up on anything.  That says a lot.  She may realize something isn't working, but then she'll try another method and another and another.  If she stops acting, that means she realizes her goal isn't the best for her any longer.

I also love that she is willing to listen.  To me, to anyone, she's listening.  And she truly does remove any personal bias to share with you what may be the thing you most need to hear.  Not what you most want to hear, mind you, or not even what she most wants to say, but what you need to hear.  Through our many conversations, she has helped me be a better person and pushed me to do things I didn't know I was strong enough to endure or accomplish.

Jules, I miss you terribly, but I'm coming to see you soon!


Jules came to see me as Sister Mary Leo in Nunsense
Pearl Harbor Memorial in Honolulu Hawaii
San Francisco Airport with Mel and Megs and Jules

Rainforest Cafe in San Francisco, watching the fish play in the bubbles
Mel again - hooray for Mel!  This was a girls' night at a cabin near Brighton Ski Resort

Megan's wedding!  Aren't we pretty little vixens in red?
My birthday party
Jules and JA at the Halloween Dance in '10.


j said...

Yay! Julie's the best.

Julie said...

I am FLATTERED!!! Thank you so much for letting me in your life and thinking that I'm pretty cool. Love you lots!!