Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreams: Tow Trucks, Ghosts, and Sea Monsters

This week has been a gold mine of absurdity in my dreams.  Enjoy!

Sunday Night
Grandma's house has always had an eerie vibe, my great aunt who is a witch (this part is true, not in the dream) says the house is haunted, probably because my grandfather died there.  This was the setting.  My car had broken down at my aunt and uncle's house a ten minute drive away.  We were all piling into a car to pick up my car, when I saw my grandmother in the driver's seat.  That is reason enough to panic and hop out of the car, but I had also left my purse and keys on the kitchen table.  When I hopped out, asking them to trade drivers and wait, they just drove off and left me there!  I entered the house again but the ghosts wouldn't let me get to my things.  Every time I tried to exit, they would float me around and lightly bump me into walls.  I had no control - it was like a roller coaster up and down through the air.  I realized they were more pestering ghosts, not scary ones, but was still scared out of my wits.   Then some tow truck guys entered and a girl who helped me get out of the house. The girl and I started the walk to my aunt and uncles while a young boy teased us.

Tuesday Night
A man tricked me into kissing him, but then he changed into a former flame mid-kiss.

Wednesday Night
I had a flat tire and needed towed.  I remember carrying the "flat tire" to a man to tell him about my woes, except what I was carrying looked more like a deflated, tire-shaped balloon.

Thursday Night
Hawaii!  I was all alone on a walk around the island and entered an off-the-beaten-path tourist center with wooden stairs down to a wooden deck.  No one was around.  The deck was perched above the ocean and to the right I could see a beautiful beach.  Sparkling water glimmered while the sun kissed my skin, the Hawaiian mountains enchanting me across the bay. Beneath the deck, and in the water around me, I could see beautiful spotted whales. Then I saw something that dwarfed these serene creatures - a gargantuan sea monster!  His skin wasn't so much scaly, but bumpy and ridgy like a dinosaur, except the bumps were orange spots.  I never saw his face, just glimpses of his massive body through the floor boards of the deck. This ancient fellow had awakened because of me!  He began trying to break the deck.  As I ran out, two girls started to enter the building despite the massive earthquake-like building shakes.  I then felt compelled to watch the sea monster break free, but decide running away was a better option.

Back to reality.  I woke up and headed to the gym, but still in somewhat of a fog at 5:45am, I felt as if the sea monster were going to burst through the dark road underneath of me. 

Have fun interpreting!

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Miss Megan said...

How funny that you posted this today. My dreams this week have been so vivid and in need of interpretation that I've been writing them in the "Dream Journal" I bought a few months ago! Looks like we both have some interpretin' to do!