Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taylor Swift

I've often found myself listening to*/overhearing one of Taylor Swift's catchy little ditties, thinking, "Man, keep dreaming, lil youngin.'  The real world isn't like that - you sing of fantasies.  Wait until reality hits you."

How cynical can I be?  I listen to her fairy tale dreams and immediately reason why none of that is possible.  Too many of us have let the harsh world of experiences wipe away our dreams. What is a man if not his dreams?  We cannot deny ourselves of this.

Thanks for the reminder to keep dreaming, Swift.

*on the radio or at the gym, I don't own any of her music - I appreciate her talent, but not enough to buy her music


miss kristen said...

It's definitely an age thing. I find myself a lot less of the romantic I once was and more of the brooding cynic I once despised.

Realism sucks.

Unknown said...

I still dream of my prince, and I don't think I am far off because It isn't so much about if he is the status of a king but if he makes me feel like a princess. And there are already men in my life that do that, so I know that I will find one of my own. (to hold my hand... ya know)

I have a million reasons to be cynical, but i will be damned if it sticks to me because I am still a hopeless romantic. over the smallest things. and I hope to always be that way.

but I do see what you mean :)

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