Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love the Way You Lie

I am the self-proclaimed queen of all bad puns.
I think I've found my king in the form of Eminem.
Hear me out.  As if "Just Lose It" weren't indication enough...
I was listening to "Love the Way You Lie" on the radio this morning - I appreciate the irony, emotion, and general statement the song makes.
However, these lyrics...well....there is just no excuse:
"Now you get to watch her leave
Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane"
Seriously?  A most hilarious pun in the middle of this tragic song-story?  
Hats off to you, Marshall.  Hats off.


miss kristen said...

bad buns? or bad PUNS?

I'm so confused...

Larissa said...

I am clearly the queen of all bad typos as well. Bad PUNS....sheesh.

Janae said...

Ha. Awesome. If for no other reason than I thought of the same exact thing when I heard that line. haha.

Unknown said...

i love a good pun...but boo to the bad ones like this!

I loath this song! PTSD from my old job. Its hard for me to listen to it.