Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Larissa-isms:The Elevator

I have funny "Larissa-isms."

These are things I say that no one really knows what I am talking about unless they know me. In my mind, I originated these cools things, but I'm not going to say I originated these for the world, as I'm sure there are other genius people who utilize these isms.

Today, I will introduce you to "The elevator."

This means that the offender is moving their eyes up and down to examine an attractive individual, as if riding "The elevator" with their eyes.  Occasionally, the offender will stop off on different "floors."   

Yes, I have caught offenders and have asked, "Were you just riding the Larissa elevator?"  They have all blushed and laughed and confessed cause the phrase is just so darned ridiculous.  Use it!

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