Friday, January 7, 2011

Dreams: Fluffy Blanket

I believe I have mentioned how much I love fluffy blankets.

I am particularly in love with my white Feather Soft Throw from Sam's Club.

I had this irrational fear of washing Feather Soft because I don't want it to lose the insane softness - I truly have never touched anything like it.  All reviews have indicated washing will leave it as soft, if not softer, so my fears subsided. I thought. 

In my dream last night, I arrived home to find my little sister (who lives in Ohio) had performed a sweet act of service - washing my laundry.  She then sheepishly held out my blanket for me.  "Noooooo!  You didn't wash it!  NOOOO!"  I grabbed the blanket and it was this matted mess of normal-blanket-feeling lint balls.  I was irate.  Apparently, in my dream, the blanket was also quite spendy because lil sis was very upset and said she would buy me another one if she could only afford it.  Steam was practically coming out of my ears.

Then I woke up surrounded by the luxury of Feather Soft....still as heavenly as can be.  Let this be a lesson to you all - don't mess with my blanky.

1 comment:

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