Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meany Pants

I like to be clever and tell people they are wearing their smarty pants when they say something witty.  I also like to gently let them know they are being bratty and tell them they are wearing their meany pants.

I was at a blogger's block, so sorted through some ancient drafts of blogs I never published and found this outdated gem, that is definitely indicative of some meany-pants-wearage on my part. 

I may or may not have once told a man, "There are a few guys who would give their left nut to be with me and I pick the one who could care less."   (Who says that?!)

And I'm not the slightest bit regretful. I feel mean, but I feel it was called for.  And you can't argue with feelings:-)


Unknown said...

LOVE it. LOVE you!

miss kristen said...

HA! That totally does NOT make you a meanie pants. if it's the truth it's the truth.

Steph said...

I will tell you who says that, someone who is freaking awesome!

Aaron said...

Yowza. Don't mess with Larissa!