Monday, January 24, 2011

Love your Body, I Do

I have been told I have a disproportionately high amount of stories that somehow involve el bano, the bathroom, the potty, what-have-you.  True.  Here's another.

The disturbing Reese's wrapper in front of the gym toilet wasn't what caught my attention, it was a little sticky note on the stall wall above the toilet paper: "Love your body.  I do."

I have encountered so many women there who clearly have eating disorders or laxative addictions (yes, you learn too much in the bathroom) or clearly distorted body images (both ways).  Here was someone who wanted everyone to know to love love your body.  Perhaps the stall wall was not the most awesome of places to do this, but to me the decision was brilliant.  Women are vulnerable and in the middle of a workout to keep their bodies in check...just seeing that little note of encouragement gives me strength.

At home, a day earlier, I was perusing through, "Marie Claire," of all things (I have this twisted feeling that, if I have a magazine subscription, even if attained for free, I have to read the magazine before I throw it away.  Not reading the thing is such a waste, ya know?). An ad with graffiti caught my eye.  Upon a locker, you see, "Caitlin, your face looks like a pretty flower."  In small print is written, "be nice behind someone's back."  A little research shows me this is a campaign from the deodorant company, Secret.  But I don't care.  It's awesome. 
I love that someone at the gym was being nice behind someone's back...literally *giggle.*

What can you do to be nice behind someone's back?


Unknown said...

LOVE IT! I am going to do something behind someone's back everyday. nice, that is. :)

MamaHintze said...

What was the deal with the "Biggest Loser" entry that came up on the list but I could never pull up?

Larissa said...

MamaHintze - that was a boo-boo! I always draft a billion blogs at a time. Whenever an idea comes to my head, I quickly jot it down for future "Make it sound prettier" editing. I accidentally pressed "publish" instead of save on that one. However, due to your curiosity, I went ahead and pretty-fied it for publishing. Enjoy!

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