Saturday, January 1, 2011

Past Year's Resolutions: 2010

When one sets a goal, it has to be something thought long and hard about, something desired with all the heart and soul - not something you do just because someone tells you you should at a certain time of year.

For this reason, setting New Year's Resolutions proves to be a little difficult for me.  I actually don't do it.  I set a goal when I know the time is right and won't fall into a list of "goals I made but never accomplished."

If I had set resolutions for myself in 2010, and they looked something like the list below, I would not have disappointed myself.

1.  Have a fulfilling, committed romantic relationship (bonus -with one of my best friends, unbonus - it didn't work out)

2. Step up my gym routine of the past 5 years about 10 notches - getting into the best physical shape of my life and look better than I did when I was 15.

3. Star as one of my dream roles in a musical.  (bonus - one half my age)

4. Have a lead role in three productions.

5. Develop relationships with at least fifty new people, at least a dozen of those relationships strong and lasting.

6. Prove my professional work ability and be rewarded/recognized for my efforts.

7. Organize a trip of 20+ of my friends to visit New York City - over half of them for their first time.

8. Give generously to those around me.  (I even donated every single time someone asked me)

9. Learn to let go.  Not all things in our lives were meant to be there forever. (Including that once upon a time really awesome coat)

10.  Blog more regularly, resulting in doubling my number of blog followers - thanks, everyone!

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