Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreams: Gums and Teeth

This dream has me more freaked out than the sharks.

We all have a set of teeth above our top teeth - much like a shark, I suppose, only human teeth.

I lifted up my lip to clean these upper teeth and noticed that a portion of my skin was stuck together inside my mouth at the top where the inside of your cheek and gum line meet.  So, I pulled to separate them.  Left side, good.  Right side?

Black. Long.  Fuzzy.  Mold. 

I immediately grabbed the mouth wash and proceeded to brush my teeth so hard my gums were bleeding.  But I didn't care - the long, hair-like black mold was gone.

Anyone else as grossed out as I am?  Would anything in "Return of the King" have anything to do with this?


Unknown said...

After reading this. I brushed my teeth. Then I brushed them again. It gave me the shivers. ew.

Amy said...

Halfway through I forgot his was a dream. I was relieved to remember. :D

Danny said...

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